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Hi! I'm DeltaLCR, also known as Lamp!, although you can call me Delta.
I specialize in aircraft, armored fighting vehicles, and making budgetphone-friendly builds.

You can contact me on Discord (Delta36#1375) or bombarding my house with WW1 Howitzers to get my attention.

Anyways, I own the Lost Causes Republic, and my LCR-owned builds mostly consist of the MCV1 Challenger MBTs.

If you want, check out some of my builds, they're really dumb.
REALLY dumb.

give me a follow if you want because i want more howitzer shells around my shack

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Previously known as LostCausesIncorporated, Mei_IrizakiTheAnnoyingOne, DeltaLCI, RyuuguLCI, DeltaLCI