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  • What are your best jokes? 3.7 years ago

    @JetWondy ok but I just hope this doesn’t get me in trouble.

    My grandfather told me “ Your generation relies too much on technology” to which I replied “no, YOUR generation relies too much on technology” then I unplugged his life support.

  • What are your best jokes? 3.7 years ago

    Where did sally go after the explosion?


  • New Website Feature 3.8 years ago

    I just upvoted all of the comments I saw

  • twin yak 15 2.0 years ago

    I’m not gonna upvote this as it’s at 69 upvotes right now.

  • Simple_Record_Egg 2.7 years ago

    Only 809 more upvotes needed!

  • What are your best jokes? 3.7 years ago

    I have a REALLY MESSED UP SERIES OF JOKES. I MEAN REEEEAAAALLY MESSED UP. That one 👇 is pretty mild by my standards

  • Story of life 4.0 years ago

    You know what else is a dead meme @Theplanelover77 ?

    Gabe the dog

  • AMC/NEVEC HUD Module 1 4.6 years ago


  • GTA V CARGO JET 5.1 years ago

    @connor2001 GTA. The plane is awesome

  • GTA V CARGO JET 5.1 years ago

    @connor2001 crap

  • GTA V CARGO JET 5.1 years ago

    Can you save this plane in the game? (GTA 5 Singleplayer)

  • 767-400 Wing 2.0 2 months ago

    Dude why has nobody called nasa to tell them about the stolen computer

  • Apache AH-64 Brand new 8 months ago

    try changing your game physics. It also just might be how the game runs now, i haven’t used this vehicle in years. @Theman986543

  • XB-57 Vulture 'SledgeHammers' 2.6 years ago

    @Neooverby yeah I realize that now. Forget I said that

  • Bell 47 H-13 helicopter 2.6 years ago

    My grandfather used to have one of these. He named it Girdy. He had it for maybe 15 years before he sold it and upgraded to a Bell 206

  • F104 104 part challenge for boggy 1.7 2.7 years ago

    Guys we need to get this to 104 upvotes and 104 downloads

  • A-10 (Anti-ground/ship) 3.0 years ago

    I am aware @ChurroMan

  • Pigpen 3.4 years ago

    Why did you feel the need to make this? Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but why?

  • Hit me with your best jokes 3.5 years ago

    How do you get 4 gay guys to sit on a stool?

    Turn it upside down

  • Priodontes Maximus 3.5 years ago

    Yes. Just yes. This is by far, the best militarized land vehicle I have seen on this website. I’m on mobile so it’s a pain in the butt to aim but it’s still freakin amazing. Awesome job man!

  • [WEBW] F-14S SkeleCat 3.5 years ago

    Yes. Just yes...

  • What are your best jokes? 3.7 years ago

    @JetWondy that’s the most messed up joke I have that won’t get me banned

  • Commie-Cola 3.7 years ago

    I’m sorry.............

  • Commie-Cola 3.7 years ago

    @Stellarlabs you communist. I bet you bleed communism

  • F-117 A NightHawk Instrument Mod Demo 3.7 years ago

    Damn................. can’t run it on my iPad
    ......... bummer

  • Rocket Sled - ICBM - Piloted v1.0 3.8 years ago

    Looks like the rocket at the intro for borderlands the pre-sequel

  • Boeing | F/A-18E | Super Hornet 3.9 years ago

    @Tessemi lol

  • Boeing | F/A-18E | Super Hornet 3.9 years ago

    @Tessemi oh boy, ummm........... uuhhhh................ that’s a lot......... ummmmm................ I don’t really know how to respond to that.....

  • Hoten Ho229 V7 4.0 years ago

    Am I the only one who experiences flatspins everytime I use the throttle?

  • PROJECT: Orbitas 4.0 years ago

    I have no words for this

  • 200K Milestone ! 4.0 years ago

    Congrats on 200K SR!

  • Rick Astley 4.0 years ago

    Why is this a thing that exists?

  • M.Corp T-4 Broadsword 4.0 years ago

    Amazing plane. I love the fact that it’s so detailed. You never fail to amaze us with these planes

  • Fidget Spinner 4.0 years ago

    Why is this a thing that exists?

  • SUPREME LEADER 4.1 years ago

    @OtterOfToast I just died laughing

  • FLY ME!! 4.1 years ago


  • BAC-151 Racing Falcon 4.1 years ago

    Line up a few torpedos on the bottom and this is great for the WW2 Destroyer challenge!

  • Photoshopped Plane 4.1 years ago


  • F-117A Nighthawk 4.1 years ago

    Gestour you never fail us do you? Looks freakin amazing! 210 upvotes

  • B-3 Wyvern 4.1 years ago

    Looks cool

  • B-3 Wyvern 4.1 years ago

    Did you get the name from Ark?

  • The Accident 4.1 years ago


  • EVA 4.1 years ago


  • Yatch with hidden motorboat 4.1 years ago

    Looks like a yacht from gta v. Nice

  • Heli Challenge - JShay 4.2 years ago

    I think this kinda looks like the volatus from GTA Online. Looks awesome!!!

  • Boeing737-800WL 4.2 years ago


  • Cyclops 4.3 years ago

    @Griffinthedragon cool

  • seamoth 4.3 years ago


  • Boeing 737-800 (Read Description) 4.3 years ago

    I don't know how this only has 60 upvotes

  • 6th Gen P-51 Mustang 4.4 years ago

    @Ageramaster595 np :)