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Current Status: Active
Current Project Status: WIP
Latest Release: Boeing 737-275 Pacific Western Airlines
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-McDonnell Douglas MD-87 Scandinavian Airlines
-Boeing 747-200F Japan Airlines Cargo

If you have a livery or logo request, lmk and I’ll see what I can and can’t do :)
If you wish to use anything I post remember to give me and the original aircraft and the creator of the original aircraft and whatever parts are on it credit.

If you enjoy what I make and the stories I tell, give the crafts an upvote and it gives my massive ego a nice boost ;)


Yo. I’m a college student studying zoology in the US state of Ohio (aw hell nawh, the Florida of the midwest), but I play a lot of Simpleplanes multiplayer and mostly fly airliners despite not a being a pilot or aerospace engineer, and not having an interest in said career field. I just started watching airplane crash investigations whilst drawing and it went downhill (or uphill depending on how you view me) from there.