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Current Status: Active
Current Project(s) Status: WIP.
Typical Build Time: 1-2 Months (Im busy IRL)
Latest Release: McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Atlasjet TC-AKM

If you wish to use anything I post remember to give me and the original aircraft/the creator of the original aircraft and whatever parts are on it credit. If possible, make sure the autocredit system works.


If you use text labels, then you're wrong and you should feel bad

Current Project Timeline:
-1 livery
-1st from scratch build at 10K
-Possible second from scratch build after that

About Me

Greetings! Deadly here! I’m a senior year college student studying zoology and environmental sciences in the US State of Ohio. I'm an avid angler, artist, and occasionally writer. I became interested in aviation during the height of the pandemic as I watched documentaries whilst drawing, and eventually purchased Simpleplanes out of curiosity. I find the science and psychology behind major disasters, be that aviation, maritime, structural, or other to be very interesting, including the stories that come out of them. On SP you can occasionally find me playing the multiplayer mod. During my time here, I've met a myriad of odd characters who I now consider close friends. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by :)

The lads
A bunch of talented goobers I'm lucky to have as friends. Go show them some support.

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Shrieking of the Damned Souls
I Need a Weapon

Map Updated: August 24th, 2023

World map showing locations of incidents in which replica aircraft are created. Each red dot represents a real incident or accident, though I will not name them. Will be updated, subject to change. Note that these are merely potential ideas. In reality, likely less than a quarter of these will come to fruition. Does not include planned future original aircraft done from scratch.

As a statement, there is currently a great deal of uncertainty as the developers have effectively abandoned the game even though it has a large and active playerbase. My goal is to reach platinum before the game dies for good and to demonstrate to the community why text label decals suck.

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