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---------------------- Beginning pilot log-----------------------

Name : DaDEMON1o1
Age: ( Deleted )
location: Illinois

So, yes ,ummmmm
Hi my name is Demon,
i'm kinda a geek at Roman stuff
i wouldn't say i'm good at building planes but i'm not bad
" a guy without friends is a guy without a life and i'm a guy without friends or a life " -me

My Companys:

DEMON co, the underworlds future

DAS ( Demon Armada ship )
DASA ( Demon Armada Space Agency )
DAAF ( Demon Armada Air Force )
DAA ( Demon Armada Army )
DAPL ( Demon Armada Passenger Lines )

---------------------------- Ending pilot log ----------------------

Bronze: March 10 2022
Silver: June 6 2022


Previously known as DEMON1o1