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Status: Kinda active. Still taking a break from SP

Hello there and welcome to my profile!

Something about me
I'm 15 y/o boy
I live in Turkey
You can also call me "Ege"
I like to make new friends and I'm trying to be kind all the time
I like to use emojis (or sometimes just :) and :D)

I really like to help people. If you need help with something, I'll help you as much as I can. Feel free to ask me about help!

Please feel free to ask anything you want, I'll reply to you kindly as always :)

And please don't be a rude person, just ask me "why" or "how" or etc. before you talk trash to me

My discord: Mad Max#3711
Send me a friend request! I won't bite you

AeroX is closed for a while now

Co-Founder of 𝘼𝙚𝙧𝙤𝕏

What I make
I make plens, yes plens :D, helicopters, submarines, cars etc.

Nvm what I said above, I always try to do something new and sometimes useless and always trying my best

I really suck at replicas but I'm trying to improve myself

I'm not the best and I'm not pointing to be the best. I just want to help people with having a good time and make good builds

That's all for now
Stay safe, and see you later :)

Previously known as ImANewbie, ImAGoodFriend, NikoBellic, StarryNightLover, DaCoconutNut