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Hi and Welcome!

I love to read about lots of planes, like the F-15C Eagle and the F4U Corsair and many other planes, I have been particularly interested in the X-29 and making my own variants of it, I have also been very interested in the XF5F Skyrocket.

Join the Simple Planes Builder Chat in discord to talk about SP and some other games! It's a lot of fun!


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Founder of XPenguin Industries

Favorite Planes

XF5F Skyrocket, F-15C Eagle, F-22 Raptor, F/A XX, P-40 Warhawk, Tornado Jet Fighter, Harrier, F-35 lightning, P-51D Mustang, SuperMarine Spitfire, and F4U Corsair


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Game Names

War Thunder: CrazyPenguin113
Roblox: CrazyPenguin1306

Favorite flying groups

Red Tails, Blue Angels, and ThunderBirds.

I am working on learning what I can do on this game and some funky trees inputs but I won't get crazy with those I am trying my best to get accurate looks and body shapes don't hesitate to criticize my builds

Thank you for visiting my site enjoy my planes!


Previously known as lilgreen06