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  • Prideflag 7 months ago

    First of all, No offense, and I really care about LGBTQ or other peoples who have different preferences...But, just, why even this topics needed in here? Literally whole world and internet is talking about this, and now even with game communities that only talks games?

    AIso, As I remember the rules, it is not allowed to post political thingys at here either.... Again, I don't disrespect LGBTQs but... This actions ain't suitable in here.

    There's a lot of people between ages and countries here, and whatever it is right and wrong, these topics only brings unproductive arguments about each other.

    Like...come on. Let's just post meme or plane/car thingys, not bringing political problems at here. Other whole internet communities or peoples will handle about those.

    Whatever it is fair and politically right, but this still brings useless arguments which people using this communities doesn't want to see here at least. This is just a game community. Post game things. Not political things.

    It is not a problem about right or wrong, it's just simply doesn't belongs to here.

    Still want to talk about Political rights or other else that brings useless arguments and unproductive dramas, Just please go somewhere else not here. Simple.

  • BRDM-2 7 months ago

    Well made, Please post the 9P31 launcher version too.

  • Ghost of Kiev 9 months ago

    [Insert dancing Ukrainian pig with Javelin meme here]

  • Nerd Emoji 2 days ago

    "Uhm Acktually ThiiS isn't simphleplens" 🤓

  • Geran - 2 (Shahed-136) 3 months ago

    Damn, this hits harder like Crimean Bridge explosion.

  • Kick a Communist out of a Helicopter 8 months ago

    Well, this looks like only a Vietnam war meme, dunno why Chinese people are triggered about this. It wasn't even kicking the Chinese at the heli, No one blamed Chinese communist party at here. I'm sure that their patriotism got kinda wrong points at here...

    Like, come on! It's just a meme, game, no politics, Everyone in the world has different standards, and isn't this person just talking you to substitute the communist you want? It doesn't mean that it is a particular country. It's a little bit People in the communist party-controlled country may be offended, but I don't think it's something to be so angry about this...

    btw, it's a kinda disrespectful post about the communist party countries people, This post got political issues either.

  • BTR-80 (liberating) 10 months ago

    Model looks great but the others....are too political.

  • M50 Ontos 3 months ago

    397 Is GOD

  • 3M89 Palash 9 months ago

    Good AA system, can you make RIM-2 Terrier and Mark 45 Mod.2 cannon?

  • Panokseon 9 months ago

    Damn...As a korean, Very well-made ship, I love it!

  • VR HYUNDAI Grandeur L 10 months ago

    여기에 한국인 분도 있으셨네요! 크으...각그랜져👍👍

  • All Players Are Equal! 10 months ago

    Grow up kid

  • Mirage F-1CT 9 days ago

    Oh boy, just a....masterpiece.

  • WTC 1 & 2 4 months ago

    Oh lord, I feel it commin'

  • Westland Wessex 4 months ago

    @rimiha This is really awsome, well made helicopter! Can you please also make the KAI KUH-1 Surion and LAH?

  • Mil Mi-26 Halo 6 months ago

    @Realboii This is really neat and simple helicopter,Could you make more helis like KUH-1 Surion later?

  • Wolfy's AI Rotorcraft ASAP Collection 6 months ago

    Neat, could you make the KUH-1 Surion too?

  • F-14 Frame 7 months ago


  • UH-60L Blackhawk Medevac 7 months ago

    Nicely done, could you make the KUH-1 Surion?

  • FAL-40S Hipster 7 months ago

    Absolute masterpiece. I love it.

  • Astorer 130/70 Anti Air Mount 8 months ago

    5.9k parts, Sick!

  • Funky M2 Browning 8 months ago

    This is so awsome, love it!

  • F-11 Hellcat (remastered) 8 months ago

    This thing really reminds the KAI T-50, well made!

  • "Bring Victory, Kid.. Make Rick proud." 8 months ago

    @Aviator01 Yes, it is :) planes are Mostly based on original rexion's creations, so I need to get his permission about posting this plane, but I'll ask to him.

  • BASED Supra 9 months ago

    "Is that a Sup-allah?!"

  • AIDC F-CK-1 V 9 months ago

    @MDDJB Cause Originally, Taiwan wanted to buy the F100/F110 or F404 engines. However, in consideration of China, the U.S. refused to do so and only allowed the sale of low-performance engines such as J85 and J79. Eventually, Taiwan collaborated with Garrett, a U.S. jet engine company, on a "private level."

    Garrett was the developer of a civil engine called TFE-731, which was used in business jets. They were already working with Volvo in 1978 on the TFE-1042, a fighter jet engine based on the TFE-731 engine. Taiwan's AIDC soon joined the TFE-1042 project, with Italian company Piagio. Taiwan wanted to install the engine on the Jingguo fighter jet, and Volvo was also intended to use the new Swedish fighter jet, which later became the JAS 39 Griffin, and Piagio was also intended to use the AMX light attack aircraft/high-training aircraft or F-5 to upgrade its performance. Accordingly, Garrett, Volvo, AIDC, and Piagio began developing TFE-1042-7 engines equipped with afterburner-free TFE-1042-6 and fighter jets for light attack/high-training. However, Sweden, which was contemplating whether to develop the JAS 39 as a single or as a twin, soon decided to use the RM12, a slightly improved version of the F404 to suit its taste, and Volvo withdrew from TFE-1042. In addition, as Piagio also withdrew from the business for financial reasons, the remaining Garrett and AIDC established a new company called ITEC (Inernational Turbine Engine Corporation) in 1982 and continued to develop new engines there.

    In late 1982, Jingguo's main mission was converted from a high-speed interceptor to a combat-oriented fighter, resulting in slight changes in engine requirements (flying efficiency at subsonic speeds rather than supersonic flight performance). Soon the TFE-1042-7 was redesigned to meet the new requirements, and this is the TFE-1042-70 that is now in the Jingguo fighter jet.

    Since it was developed based on such an engine in a business jet, there is a rumor that Jingguo has "weak engine power," but in fact, the engine power is not weak compared to the weight class of the aircraft. The jingguo is almost the same in size and weight as the F-20, JAS 39, and T-50, all of which use the F404 series of engines. The two TFE-1042-70s together produce slightly stronger thrust than the F404s, and considering the weight of the twin engines, it's actually just one F404 or two TFE-1042-70s.

  • P-47D-25 9 months ago

    Sinple but has all details, very nice! Can you make T-50A or KUH-1 Surion too?

  • [Teaser 1] In the navy! 9 months ago


  • Pantsir-ME Naval CIWS (Auto Aim) 9 months ago

    Nice, can you make SM-2 and oto melara 76mm with auto aim?

  • Barrage Cleaver 9 months ago

    @mahardika search for "simpleplanes auto aim ak-2100" in google, that would help you.

  • Barrage Cleaver 9 months ago

    Neat, Can you make AIM-2 Terrier and oto melara 76mm with auto aim?

  • stingray test 9 months ago

    The ovsrall design is really good, but need to fix the handling issue. Maybe make the main wing's control surface longer and bigger, to gain more pitch not yaw.

  • MH-6 Little Bird 11 months ago

    Nice heli, Can you please make the KAI LAH?

  • JARC Atlantine Mapúa FT-27C Cardinal 11 months ago

    Design looks ike mix version of KAI T-50A and Mitsubishi T-2.... the fictional history's maker name looks like Korean either. Anyways, Very neat!

  • T-7A Redhawk 11 months ago

    This is really well-made, can you also make the plane which was T-7A's competitor, T-50A?

  • Blank CIRRUS SR-22 one year ago

    Beautiful, Love it!

  • Digital Painting Tool 2 months ago

    I.....Wow. just Wow.

  • Meet Spot 4 months ago

    Sick, very sick!

  • Paratrooper Tank 5 months ago

    This is one of the most functional tank I've ever seen! Love your tracks.

  • A-4F SuperFox 5 months ago

    Hehe, 699 parts dawg

  • A-4 SuperFox - Trailer 6 months ago


  • F-111C VR 7 months ago

    Very nicely made, could you help my T-50A cockpit?

  • F-24 Stealth Fighter simulator video trailer 7 months ago

    아니 우째…대단하시네 ㄷㄷ

  • 64 7 months ago

    Definitely nothing happened at tiananmen square in 1989. 6. 4.

  • [Teaser 3] Vanguard 8 months ago


  • BAC-Aerospatiale CONCORDE 8 months ago

    Damn, One of the best concorde build I've seen.