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"I like flying things" - wise man

Favourite flying thing:
  • V22 Osprey

My fictional companies:
KeksCorp, KeksAir, Keks Vehicles, Keks Defense Systems

Lore 😱


Privately owned company centred in Croatia. KeksCorp was founded in 1999 by two aircraft enthusiasts, but quickly grew to a team of over 5000 people spread across three smaller companies owned by KeksCorp.


KeksAir (KA for short) is a Croatian aircraft manufacturer that specialises in making experimental aircraft for both civilian and military usage.

Founding of KeksAir

KeksAir was founded in 2002 by privately owned company KeksCorp,
the first aircraft manufactured by KA was the B-43 Heavy bomber.

B-43 Heavy bomber

The bomber could fill in a multitude of roles otherwise requiring multiple aircraft as it was simultaneously a heavy bomber and had refueling capabilities, it could also be configured into a cargo aircraft by lengthening the landing gear. The B-43 set up the company for major success.


KeksVehicles (KV for short) is another company owned by KeksCorp.
KeksVehicles is focused on production of other types of vehicles such as ships and cars.

Founding of KeksVehicles

KeksVehicles was founded three years after KeksAir, in 2005. The first vehicle made by KV was the F1 Racecar.

F1 Racecar

The F1 Racecar (commonly refered to as "The Cheatcode") was the first vehicle made by KV. The Cheatcode featured adaptable aerodynamics which pushed the KV race team to the top of the leaderboards of the 2006 cup. The Cheatcode itself wasnt a major success but the money earned from the cup led to the development of more vehicles by KV.


KeksDefenseSystems (KDS for short) is the smallest company owned by KeksCorp. The company specialises in production of military defense systems.

Founding of KeksDefenseSystems

KeksDefenseSystems was founded in 2004 after the companies success with the B-43. The companies first operational defense system was the notorious "No Fly Zone" system.

No Fly Zone

The No Fly Zone is a air defense system utilising ultra-maneuverable, hypersonic AA missiles. It was a success with the Croatian military and is still in use today.

A bit about me

I started playing Simple Planes because i love aircraft and creating stuff. Simple planes brought those two together perfectly and i just fell in love with the game. I first started out making planes on Roblox with a game called "Plane crazy" but i wanted to have a bit more creative freedom and that led me to installing Simple planes.

My view on the community

In the almost 1 year i have been posting on Simple planes I never experienced any hate, just praise and people wanting to help, definetly best community out there!



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Current big project:

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    Just small builds that take a day or two cus school

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