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Update: This account is not entirely inactive. No posts or comments, but I will still look at website sometimes. If anybody is wondering, KOR is good and I am good. Thanks for the amazing memories, and thanks for making me who I am. Couldn’t have became who I was if everything in 2020 didn’t happen. Would still be the same person, would still be plane obsessed, would never like monster trucks, would never have a interesting life.
And with that being said, I love y’all, hopefully I return in the future- CobraHuey ??
Status: Inactive, but I still play SP every once in awhile
Steve the duck is lonely…


R.I.P. Bimmers the Guinea Pig/6 (2016-2022)
Bo the Dog/6

Here’s a badass bio banner @KnightOfRen made for me!

Here’s some info about me, all questions are taken from straight up racing’s website

So give us some history on MonsterAvGeek.
The last trip we took was to the Evergreen AirMuseum. We stepped inside and I was just in aw of all the planes. I always had in interest in planes. I would go to the airport all the time to watch planes take off and land. Seeing these old fighters and aerobatic planes was just the coolest thing. We went into the space museum and that’s when it happened... I saw her! The mighty A-10 was in front of my eyes. I took a picture with it and continued through the museum. We bought a movie ticket and got some popcorn. We watched this inspiring movie about this fighter pilot seeing his dads plane and talking about training with other planes. I will always remember that clip of the A-10 flying in the air while the guy was talking about the combat training. I thought that A-10 was Russian at first! That time came where we had to end the little vacation we had, I looked at the cool metal plane toys. I picked up a P-51 and that was the start of my collection. I went back to my dads house to visit with my sister some more.I asked my dad and grandpa because I knew they would know what the plane was. I showed them the picture of the A-10. They both looked confused. They told me to search up fighter jets, and sure enough the A-10 was one of the first results. I said to them “Hey! I guess it’s called and A-10 ThunderBolt!”. And that’s how I started liking aviation.

How did you get started competing in Ro-mj and SimplePlanes.
I’ll start with how I found SimplePlanes. It was really luck. I was trying to find a plane building game for awhile, but couldn’t find anything. I downloaded and uninstalled every aviation/building game possible. I came across SimplePlanes and thought I would give it a try. I bought it and was scared it would be a waste of money. Well as you can see it was the best 5 dollar purchase of my life 😂. Even with all of the drama I still enjoy SimplePlanes.
With ro-mj it was about the same. I played Roblox monster truck games every day and watched videos of NMJA. (National Monster Jam Association) It took me forever to find a tour that wanted me, but I did it! My career started driving at mini events and getting to know people. My skills started to get better and I started to get into bigger tours and make my own truck, Cyber Attack. I placed 14th with 85 points beating some really great drivers in ro-mj. My teammate, Badman, got 275 points making it into the Showdown for the Fluffy Finals.

What do you do with your free time?
In my free time I enjoy doing ro-mj and SimplePlanes, and other games. But when I’m not doing that I’m probably working on Spinmaster trucks, shopping, or pretending I can ride my dirt bike lol. Your probably wondering if I do anything with my friends. Sort of. I have 5 friends, but I never talk to any of them. We all went off and did our own thing but we call sometimes.
Things that take away free time are school and, surprisingly, airshows and monster truck shows!

What is your greatest memory in ro-mj and SimplePlanes?
For SimplePlanes it would be when I made my flying wing. 2020 may have been a bad and toxic year but if I could relive it I would.
With ro-mj it would be when I started driving in fmj. I am looking forward to next season with my new truck Cyber Attack.

Do you have any pre-show rituals in ro-mj?
Stress! 😆 Its extremely competitive, and I try to do it for fun but you can’t win without a little bit of pressure. I do breathing exercises sometimes, but it’s just a game so why feel pressured?

If you were not competing in ro-mj what career path would you follow?
Probably Roblox NASCAR.

What’s your favorite food?
Does Subway and Firehouse Subs count?

What’s your favorite movie?
Anything animated. I love animation but I suck at it. But I also like Netflix shows and anything aviation and racing related.

What’s your favorite television show?
I don’t have one. I just watch whatever is on

What’s your favorite color?
Green and Light blue

That’s some info about me!

Previously known as Cobrahuey, CobraHueyIndustries