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^Steve the Duck^
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Hallo! Ich bin CobraHuey! Können Sie übersetzen, was dies sagt? Wenn du kannst, poste GT auf einem meiner Posts lol.

Some of my virtual friends 😃

Creator of CobraDeros
Creator CobraHuey
Co-creator Hedero
Builder Crafto77
Builder Planeacceleration
Should my end come while I am in flight,
Whether brightest day or darkest night;
Spare me your pity and shrug off the pain,
Secure in the knowledge that Id do it again;
For each of us is created to die,
And within me I know,
I was born to fly.”

Hobbies: Model plane flying, drawing, model plane building, plane related stuff, playing a few instruments, video making.
Pets: Dog Mix, Bo, 4 y old, Guinea Pig, Bim-Bim, 5 y old.
Current projects ( B-25 Mitchell, P-40, MD-80, Greg Connell Wolf Pitts, and MX2)
Walter.J. Boyne for making the first ever plane book I got. I am saddened by the news of his death
Hedero for helping me learn about this game and for inspiring me in the virtual world
Jeff Billington for inspiring me to fly
Kyle Franklin and Skip Stewart for inspiring me to do aerobatics
My grandfather for telling me stories and stuff about planes.
My dad for inspiring me to join Civil Air Patrol
I’m just another aviation fan in this simple world.
My favorite plane is the A-10.
My favorite Helicopters are the Cobra and Huey.
I am an Oregonian who wants to become an aerobatic pilot and commercial pilot.
My favorite aerobatic plane is the Sukhoi-31.
I love Waco UPF-7s. I also want an OV-1D Mohawk ( That’s why the Mohawks in my profile picture).
If you need any paint work for planes or customizations, I will be happy to help.
I want to fly the Dash Q 400 for Alaska Airlines
My favorite aerobatic pilot is Kyle Franklin.
cobrahuey Is my TikTok
SR Account name CobraHuey
Things I dislike
Game: Fortnite
Song: Most things modern or not related to techno or rock
Plane: Cough Cough Airbus Cough Beluga Cough
Animal: The Bedlington Terrior
Place: Eugene, Oregon...
People: Any terrible person
Car: A few Tesla’s
Truck: 5 year old given drugs truck aka Tesla Cybertruck. I prefer the Tesla CyberTuk.
Helicopter: Some rich boi helicopters
*Movie: Ice Sharks, Sharks, Tornado Sharks 1,2,3,4, and how ever many there are, and... well any movie that has shark in the title
Fictional Character: The witch from Hansel and Gretel
Favorite things
Game: Any plane game/ game with aerobatic planes.
Song: 70-90s rock and some modern + some techno
Plane: A-10 ThunderBolt II
Animal: Corgi, Guinea Pig, Cockatiel. Of course I like birds, I love plane and flight.

Place: Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
People: Family, aerobatic pilots, aviation members, car people,
NASA workers, and really anybody involved with machines.
Car: 1980 Camaro, Porsche 911, Bugatti Chiron.
Truck: Older Ford 250, Dodge trucks, Ford Raptor
Helicopter: The AH-1 Cobra and UH-1 Iroquois/ Huey. That’s why my name is CobraHuey
Movie: RedTails, Memphis Belle, Tora! Tora! Tora!, and eh! I like Planes and Planes II and Wings. They are pretty accurate animated plane movies
Fictional Character: Dracula, Headless Horseman ( I’m so obsessed with him that when I saw a Halloween declaration of him saying how he will kill the person who cut head off his head that I just was like, YOUR THE BEST SCARY THING EVER!), Wall-E and Eva, Nemo and Dory.

My favorite movies are

2.Memphis Belle
3.American Made
4.Planes 2
Fun Facts about me!
•I live in rainy Oregon where everything is going “great”! :)
•I want to be an aerobatic pilot.
•I might be the first person in the last 2 generations to keep the aviation blood inside me.
• My grandfather and dad were both in CAP and both decided to quit doing it.

• My grandfather flew in Kc-135s in Alaska. He also went on a mission to find a wrecked Kc-135.( They only found the tail).
•My dad loves the ThunderBolt and Corsair like I do.
•My dads friend know a little about planes. He knows facts about a lot of ww2 planes
•My step great grandfather was a turret gunner on B-17s.
• My great grandfather made explosive weapons in ww2.
•Most of my family has done something with/for planes.

•I’m teaching my mom about planes and also went to EAA Airventure for her first airshow.
•I know a guy named John who was a gunner on Huey’s.
•I know a guy named Bob who served in Korea and Vietnam and came out with all limbs.

•My favorite teacher Is a mechanic for the 123rd RedHawks
•Kyle Franklin gave me stuff for Christmas and Skip Stewart gave me an airshow magazine, one of his hats, one of his shirts, and a signed card.
•One of my best friends dad fix’s cool cars such as Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis, Porsche’s, and lots of rich boy cars.
•I hope to fly Dash Q 400s for Alaska. Alaska Airlines is my favorite airline.

Why do I want to do aerobatics? And why after having to lose my favorite aerobatic pilots why do I still want to fly?
1. I honestly don’t know why I want to do aerobatics. When I started liking aviation back in August of 2018 I didn’t expect it to become a big thing in my life. It all started when my mom, sister, and me went on a trip to Pacific City. The big highlight of the trip was to see the Spruce Goose. I remember months before when we planned the trip I was overly excited about seeing this plane. I only knew what a something Mustang was. I had to keep asking my dad what the Mustang plane was called. I didn’t see my future leading into aviation. We went to the Tillamook
AirMuseum and we saw the cool planes. That sparked something making me like history all of the sudden. Me and my sister downloaded this plane simulator. We played it and had fun together, I suddenly wanted a private jet. The next stop was the Octopus Tree, I saw the branches and wanted to learn more about it. The last trip we took was to the Evergreen AirMuseum. We stepped inside and I was just in aw of all the planes. I always had in interest in planes. I would go to the airport all the time to watch planes take off and land. Seeing these old fighters and aerobatic planes was just the coolest thing. We went into the space museum and that’s when it happened... I saw her! The mighty A-10 was in front of my eyes. I took a picture with it and continued through the museum. We bought a movie ticket and got some popcorn. We watched this inspiring movie about this fighter pilot seeing his dads plane and talking about training with other planes. I will always remember that clip of the A-10 flying in the air whiles the guys was talking about the combat training. I thought that A-10 was Russian at first! That time came where we had to end the little vacation we had, I looked at the cool metal plane toy things. I don’t remember if I got any, but I did get these little army dudes. They had America’s army, British army, German army, and Japanese army. I went back to my dads house to visit with my sister whiles she was down and I knew my dad or grandfather would know what the plane was. I showed them the picture of the A-10. They both looked confused. They told me to search up fighter jets, and sure enough the A-10 was one of the first results. I said to them “Hey! I guess it’s called and A-10 ThunderBolt!”. And that’s how Istarted liking aviation. I saw the A-10 and knew right away that’s I wanted to learn more. I went to my first airshow and saw Mike Wiskus, Bob Freeman, Redline Airshows, an F-15C, CF-18, F-16, The Smoke ‘N’ Thunder Jet Truck, the A-1 Skyraider, Supermarine Spitfire, A-10, Cobra and Huey, and the Snowbirds. A few months later I had to read something about firefighters in school ( I don’t know why) and we were supposed to write up something about what risks they take and how they save lifes. I wrote something about how fire planes also had a dangerous job. That was my first interaction with wanting to fly. I started Learning more about aviation and talked more with my teacher. I then wanted to do Air Force. And ever since then I wanted to fly. So there’s my very long story about why I want to fly
2. After losing many people in aviation people tell me that’s Im crazy for wanting to do this. What I tell them is this,
“You should live the way you want. You should live with risk if that what’s you want to do. You could die right now, would you *rather die sitting on a chair and having a heart attack or something like that or would you want to die doing what you love even if it means catching on fire or snapping you neck and many other things. You have to LIVE.”. My friend wants to race *for Ferrari’s Formula 1 Team but isn’t sure because he’s afraid of dying. His brother is 22 and doesn’t even have a girlfriend and might not have a kid. My friend doesn’t want a kid either so he doesn’t want to end the last of his family quick. He wants it to last. I just tell him that I might go down in a giant deadly fireball and you would know that’s it was my fault. I chose to do it, so you can’t say that I didn’t deserve it because if I didn’t deserve To die I wouldn’t want to do.
That’s all the info for now! I hope you enjoys learning about me!

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