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United Republic of Ctina

essential information
Chinese Name:
Chinese Pinyin: xi tíng lián hé gòng hé guó
English Name: United Republic of ctina (UPC)
Alias: Ctina
National Song: The red army is the strongerst
Currency: Ctina United currency
National bird: rosefinch
National flower: Lily
National tree: to be determined
Continent: Aais
National Day: June 6
Regime: People's Union System
Ruling party: the Communist Party of Ctina
Current leader: state president cityxt (Original name: Minoyanf Miric Ciosiswich)
Area: About 9.65 million square kilometers
Population: 120659 million (end of 2016)
Main nationality: love tear machine film clan
Major religion: Atheism
Official languages: Chinese, Russian
GDP: US $15.59 trillion (2016)
Capital: XTcity
Major cities: XTcity, Hian, Minoyanfsk
Country code: CTU
Calendar: East eight (XTcity time)
Time zone: East 8 (XTcity time)
Longest river: Nanci River
Largest lake: Green Lake
Geographical highest point: Pigeyeswolfhorse peak (8868.46 m)
Central bank: United Bank of Ctina
Coastline: 18500 km
National Constitution: the United constitution of the Ctina
Founding date: June 6, 1950
Human development index: 0.956 (2016)
Water area ratio: 3%
GDP per capita: US $8496 (2016)

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