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  • B-36 peacemaker (Convair) 1.8 years ago

    disclamer- plane does start with engines on fire

  • Bedil bambu 7 days ago


  • SimpleCheats - a slightly comprehensive guide 1.4 years ago

    Could yall update this for 1.9 beta

  • PLAAF Chengdu J-20 9 months ago

    I’m sorry to be rude but this is a high part count decoration if you going to put this much work into something to make it look realAustin make it fly realistic too.

  • Tupolev Tu-95MS6 "Bear" 6 months ago

    Wayyy too long make sure you use blueprints. Other than that it looks okay

  • My First Fuselage Art 8 months ago

    SMH idk why you would even spend your time doing this

  • Join SPCC ! yesterday

    We are not allowed to be posting this stuff anymore you need to reach out to eternal darkness to get your server on the list.

  • What if a downvote button existed? 11 days ago

    I will downvote everyone’s crappy replicas that get tons of points. [looks at 70% of the sp community]

  • Ducc one month ago

    So this is the sub that “sunk” the USS Theodore Roosevelt in that exercise

  • Come on Huawei 8 months ago

    Thanks for spying on me Huawei!

  • McChopper 11 months ago

    I hate it lmao

  • kthnxbye privileges revoked 5 days ago

    @asteroidbook345 yours is being revoked for war crimes

  • Ducc one month ago

    He attacc
    He protecc
    But most importantly
    He launches ballistic missiles from 17.5 kilometers away

    #Rejecc boat protecc ducc

  • Player Power one month ago

    April fools joke every year without fail...

  • Weaponized Seal 3 months ago

    POV: Russia's navy

  • BlitzkriegSpawner in Nazi Jar 7 months ago

    Excuse me but I am inquiring about the lack of Stukas.
    It seems you are missing the necessary 400 Stukas to start a blitzkrieg.

  • McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet 10 months ago

    Btw hornet ABs are a hot clear orange. Not blue

  • Portrait of Stalin one year ago

    Y’all realize he killed at least 20 million of his own people right? Idk why people are infatuated with him.

  • SP RACING CHALLENGE one month ago

    Damn. Guess I can’t make a racing c-130

  • The SimplePlanes Gangster Clan - Advertisement one month ago

    Wow this man did a whole Facebook ad.

  • Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25P Foxbat 2 months ago

    Why don't you just use blueprints smh

  • SU-25 Frogfoot OShAP 3 months ago

    Accelerates way too fast. The Su-25 is not a fighter or a rocket for that matter. Body of the aircraft looks ok but I would encourage you to start making custom wings as they make performance better and they also look much better

  • Which JATO do you like more? (Both auto-detach after 10 seconds) 4 months ago

    I like 2 just seems like too dense of smoke but its sp so you cant do much better than that so go with 2 for realism

  • Regarding recent 'drama'. 6 months ago

    Wow I can’t believe that you would farm points like this! Jk lol

  • F35B Lockheed Martin [Eagle Of The US] 7 months ago

    lmao you put a cross over turkey

  • Faun L.8.1500 : Exactly 4 years with you! 8 months ago

    очень хорошо! Мы все ценим ваши сборки!

  • iPhone 6s Silver 8 months ago

    Airplane mode lol

  • Richelieu Battleship 9 months ago

    Oh hello little plane you look so cold up there in the sky. Would you like a FLAK BLANKET?!

  • McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle 10 months ago

    Good job on making it fly reasonably. But you need to focus on the shape. Whenever you do a replica go ahead and buy a cheap model and look at other builds on the sight. Also, always ask for help.

  • Saab J 35F Draken one year ago

    Did you know: The cobra maneuver was first performed in the draken.

  • A new user discovered how to make concave hollow fuselages... 1.1 years ago

    I just made a bow tie with this lol

  • Why do people always ask such “dumb” questions? 1.1 years ago

    @QingyuZhou its people's nature to ask stupid questions and annoy the living sh*t out of you. Therefore with such an obvious answer, the question itself is a dumb question.I rest my case. lol

  • (Simp)le Planes User Update: 3/9/2020 1.2 years ago

    Idk why the devs can’t just delete all the accounts that have 0 points followers or comments. Or accounts that have been inactive for the past 2 years and have no points. They would receive a notice with a week advance and if they didn’t do anything or reactivate their account, the account would be deleted. This would free up usernames for people like me who have made typos on their usernames and can’t change it because someone with 0 points 0 comments and 0 followers took it who has joined 4 years ago and doesn’t use their account. @AndrewGarrison

  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 1.2 years ago

    Takes forever to get gold for quality builds and people who post planes like every day and get platinum in a month because of the number of builds

  • The problem with games in young people my age. 1.3 years ago

    One More Thing: OK BOOMER! LOL

  • New Beta - Version 1.9.100 (Steam today - Mobile soon) 1.4 years ago



    Solution: ADD attributes projectileMass and projectileDrag

    We need this soon for accurate to real life projectile ranges and accurate artillery


  • Funky Trees! 1.4 years ago

    Altitude - Aircraft's altitude in metres
    AltitudeAgl - Aircraft's altitude above ground level in metres
    GS - The speed relative to the ground (m/s)
    IAS - The speed relative to the air, adjusted for the desnity of the air (m/s)
    TAS - The speed relative to the air (m/s)
    Fuel - The amount of fuel remaining as a proportion of capacity (0 to 1)
    AngleOfAttack - The angle of attack (angle airflow vertically meets the boresight) in degrees
    AngleOfSlip - The horizontal equivalent of angle of attack (degrees)
    PitchAngle - The pitch of the aircraft (degrees)
    RollAngle - The roll of the aircraft (degrees)
    Heading - The heading of the aircraft (degrees)
    Time - The time since the level loaded (seconds)

  • My Ornithopter 2.4 years ago

    Worked on my I phone 7 high physics lol really cool man

  • Wishing you a very sad Hindenburg crash day. 5 days ago

    I mean the blimp was full of nazis sooooooooo

  • Which country is better 5 days ago

    pretty much the same ngl

  • Jundroo Instruments JI-84 18 days ago

    lol how did you do this

  • AV-8B Harrier Night Attack variant [TEASER] one month ago

    Also, I didn't know you played DCS!

  • AI Boat Challenge (Closed) one month ago

    Shat deadline is today I was gonna make a kickass patrol boat tomorrow

  • MV Ever Given one month ago

    This would be hilarious if this was in the mod and it would just sit there blocking traffic

  • Fokker D.XXI one month ago

    Bruh this happens on your builds all the time even though they may fly bad. So don’t get on him. This looks better than most of your planes and flies abt the same so don’t get your panties in a wad @Hedero

  • F-22A Raptor one month ago

    Really good job on the flight model man and it’s still pretty simple. Sorry I couldn’t help you with making custom wings on this. They are pretty complicated for the f-22. There are a few issues though. Wing loading was probably the reason why you were having trouble with it being “floaty” this is because you have wings in the body and on the intakes. Removing these would probably help the flight model but rn this is a pretty good model. You need to switch the trim and vtol controls as you have them set up opposite. Something I’ve noticed a bit on your planes. Also I would recommend that you not play with fuel tanks weight and stuff. It’s probably easier to just do it the right way plus nobody flies the planes for long periods of time so infinite fuel is not needed. Just go with the specs. I liked pretty much everything else including the great cockpit view and the AIM-9X mounts. Great job!

  • Check it out realsavageman 2 months ago


  • A-10C Thunderbolt II 4 months ago

    With 313 parts you could have made this with custom control surfaces. I really like it but I think it would really improve your builds to do this while still remaining mobile friendly. Most stuff under 500 parts is mobile friendly

  • immanitatem 8 months ago

    Oh my goodness that’s 5000 parts

  • SRSM-2 (tactical nuclear missile) 8 months ago

    how did you geth the mushroom cloud for some reason it isnt working for me