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August 2022 - Semi inactive now, school’s kinda busy :/

F4 MiG21

On this page you will find a database of all publicly available vehicle designs associated with the Empire of CheeseTruffia.

All vehicles displayed are the selected, unclassified products of the CheeseTruffian Aeronautical Bureau and CheeseTruffian Department of Combat.

F4 Phantom Pair Crop

As the empire strives to deliver only the highest quality of vehicles, all designs have been put through rigorous quality testing and refinement, and are guaranteed by the state to be in superb working order unless altered without state approval.

Newest generation aircraft in current service with the CheeseTruffian Armed Forces will be kept highly classified and will not be available for public use. Vehicles will only be available if they have undergone full de-classification and de-militarisation from the CheeseTruffian Defence Bureau. Therefore all publicly-available vehiceles are to be designated for civilian use only.


A full vehicular catalogue of all de-classified CheeseTruffian Aeronautical Bureau and CheeseTruffian Department of Combat products can be found here. Included in the database are legacy vehicles no longer available for purchase, and future products still under-going quality testing.

Please be aware that any unlicensed reproduction of intellectual property will result in severe repercussions and subsequent confiscation of all records in possession by the state. Individuals wishing to modify or conduct reproductions of any kind must first acquire state approval, in the form of a license.

The empire welcomes your involvement in its internal affairs and invites your enthusiasm towards its technological superiority and advancements.

CTX-09 Front 3


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