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Hi there! My name is Cerdd. I'm your average aviation enthusiast who is always seeking more info about military aviation. The aircraft I know the most about is the
F-35A, after all it is my favorite aircraft. (Anyway we aren't here to learn about me, you can join my discord server to talk to me)

Anyway- I make both Replica and Fictional aircraft, I do prefer making fictional aircraft as for I have less limitations on the look and flight characteristics.
Do not expect me to upload any replica airliners or civilian aircraft as those are aircraft I don't care much for. But I do have plans on re-creating all my past airliners that I have uploaded. If you do want to suggest an aircraft go ahead, Also i will be more active on Discord so you can go ahead and add me there.

Youtube Channel
Discord Server

My Friends (Go check out their stuff, its all really good)


F-22A Raptor
MiG-21 Fishbed
Su-35 Flanker-E
Su-37 Terminator
Su-47 Berkut
Su-57 Felon
Saab J-37 Viggen

Welcome To Vrol

Vrol is a nation in the alternate dimension known as "Scarlet" They are the 2nd biggest nation on Zitis (Their planet's name).
Vrol has the biggest and best airforce in their world, their navy is pretty good and their army is lacking a little in the tank department.
We've noticed that they're a lot like the US, Japan and Sweden all at once. They have an enemy known as "Iuswuesil" and they're a lot like what we would describe as Soviet Russia. But a bit more aggressive. Vrol's infrastructure is quite fancy and futuristic, their capital "Duality" is very pretty at night I must say-

Their flag is also quite neat yet simplistic

They also have a roundel which.. looks very similar to the USA's current roundel

Same goes for their Naval logo, similar to the USA's

We'll keep you updated with this universe and nation..