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A bit about me

-I love my cars a lot and a lot.
-I’m an Aussie.
-I also love my boats.
-I have a boat licence.

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YouTube channel

SP Goals

Get bronze: Complete, Date unknown
Get silver : complete, Date unknown
Get gold: Complete 24/ 7/2018
Get platinum:
Get 50 Followers: 29/7/2018
Get 10 upvotes on a build: complete, date unknown
Get 20 upvotes on a build: complete, Boeing 767 Squish , 12/5/2018
Get 50 upvotes on a build:
Get 100 upvotes on a build:
Get a build featured:
Get multiple builds featured:

Great people on SP

-Bo123 - My brother.
-Sam265 - One of my best friends.
-AndrewGarrison - The creator of this games.
-All the Devs - Making this game great.
-All the Mods - keeping the website clean.
All of you- supporting Me and the rest of the community.

Current builds

Tractor Sprayer 2%

If you would like to do a joint build with me just let me know.

Nations and Organizations.

Technion -Boating engineer.
Aurora Racing -
Vortech Auto
Vortech Boating Centre

Most Upvoted Build.

The Boeing 767 Squish.
So a bit about it: so someone made it and made the gear really bad. I only changed the wheels. And I got 28 upvotes! Get it to 30 for another Squish plane.

Personal favourite build.

4WD Edit
Monaco 21

Featured builds:

My first featured build is also built by Marcox43.
Aurora Audi IKEA LMP1 Not posted by me but helped to be built by me.


Tag me for any help of any kind.