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Hi, I’m just a person who loves airplanes and likes to make them the best I can. I will make some replicas and some fictional all hopefully mobile friendly. I take critique and requests. I love the odd balls of the aviation world so feel free to give me weird things to make.

I am more or less a average joe other then being a metal head.(Sabaton is best, change my mind). I frequent this game a lot because of the community and there crazy creations. SimplePlanes is one of my favorite games so I may not make the best planes but I’ll be around for a long time:)

I am a bit lazy so don’t expect me to be shooting out crafts every other day.

I doodle a LOT. Mostly airplanes and sometimes tanks.
Always improving on my drawings.
My discord: Carolean#0378

Planned projects
Nieuport n.28: done
Fokker D.Vll: done
Sopwith Camel: N/A
Handley Page type 400: N/A
Ottoman E.111:done

Previously known as Kungfuevan