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  • SimplePlanes Multiplayer one month ago

    Best mod in game tbh

  • F-41A CopyCat 22 days ago

    Nice! Very much in the spirit of SimplePlanes honestly, I like it!

  • Multiplayer Tomcats Intercept Su-22 Fitter 23 days ago

    @TheAviator77 We were mostly messing around with the tailchase, I believe the Fitter was actually unarmed. Kinda like the encounters up near Alaskan airspace lol

  • TFMGAC x U.S Navy 27 days ago

    Hell yeah!

  • Minecraft Dirt block 28 days ago

    Only the most exquisite, high quality, transcended grass dirt block would have 1313 parts and weigh 30,000 pounds

  • Multiplayer Tomcats Intercept Su-22 Fitter one month ago

    @Vikram123 Indeed, we intercepted him 2 other times :)

  • Sukhoi Su-33 “Flanker-D” one month ago


  • Simple RWR one month ago

    Oh hell yes.

  • Vought F-8J Crusader (VMF-321) one month ago

    Holy cow dude! Your Crusader flies so nice! Absolute beast!

  • The Rocket Interceptor - Coming soon! 2 months ago

    Oh heck yeah I'm always here for rocket builds!

  • Smallest plane 2 months ago

    Ha nice, if you use Overload you can make it way smaller! Just change the "Scale" values for all parts and go crazy!

  • GT-R 2 months ago

    Ain't no way you managed to build this on Android, this is insane!!!

  • Share Aircraft 2 months ago


  • simple F-5A "Freedom Fighter" 2 months ago

    Wow, this is a really clean, well flying F-5, probably the best I've found so far on SimplePlanes. Do you mind if I use this as a basis for a full replica buildup? I'm thinking custom missiles, a fleshed out cockpit, custom landing gear, and maybe some other stuff, but I'd be more than happy to credit your build!

  • MAK - 26 Solar Wind Fighter-Interceptor 3 months ago

    What the heck dude, this thing is such a riot LOL

  • Simple MiG-21bis 3 months ago

    Absolute BANGER design, I love flying this thing so much!

  • I'ma spend a year making a perfect F-14 replica 3 months ago

    Haha yeah you gotta watch both Top Gun movies if you're building a Tomcat. There's a lot of systems, feel free to look at my Tomcat build and reverse engineer anything you need.
    I might as well drop the main resources I use in here.
    First up is MATS: MATS F-14 Database
    MATS is a very comprehensive database with great pictures and details of how Tomcat systems worked and what the parts looked like.

    Next up is the F-14D Super Tomcat NATOPS: NATOPS Manual
    This is the actual flight manual issued to aircrews that details just about everything you'd ever need to know, it's 1000+ pages long and extremely detailed. I highly recommend you study it.

    And last up if you ever find anything else pertaining to the F-14 or have any questions or ideas, please post it in my F-14 thread! Tig's Tomcat Hangar

    Feel free to shoot me any questions you might have, I'd love to help out on this project!

  • FT Air-To-Air Missile, Aim9-P 3 months ago

    Now THIS is a cool build. Looking at your list of variables, you put a crapton of work into this. Epic build!

  • English Electric - Lightening II 3 months ago

    Best flying and best built Lightning I've found so far, an absolute riot to fly!

  • Top Gun F/A-18E Super Hornet Maverick 3 months ago

    This plane is simply epic, I LOVE flying this thing!

  • Danger Zone but you're an F-16 pilot engaging MiGs above Iraq but in SimplePlanes 3 months ago

    Holy cow I remember seeing this for the first time like a year ago! This is honestly the reason I got into SimplePlanes. And why not? It's fantastic!

  • [THX for 25k!]Messerschmitt Me-262 A-1a "Schwalbe" 4 months ago

    WOW, I have no words

  • Very ugly Modded F-A-18 4 months ago

    "How many engines do you want?"

  • Grumman F-14A Tomcat 26 days ago

    Alright lol hahaha
    Just a heads up, I have a much better, rebuilt version in the works

  • TFMGAC x U.S Navy 26 days ago

    @ToeTips @ShinyGemsBro
    My gears were retracted on my end, it's a glitch of Multiplayer. I believe it can be remedied with a few tweaks, but I haven't gotten around to it.
    Believe me, it bugs me too!

  • Multiplayer Tomcats Intercept Su-22 Fitter 27 days ago

    @SuperSuperTheSylph Nope, I just do it out of habit. With enough hits, they will appear to make the target burst into flames and the icon disappears, but no, they don't affect the target's end. To be fair though, on the Korean server lag is usually enough to ruin any missile shots too.
    We got lucky for the maneuver kill here.

  • Open Nose Quiz 28 days ago


  • Multiplayer Tomcats Intercept Su-22 Fitter 29 days ago

    @pohhhhhhum Hold onto your hat then, cause my Tomcat's next release is going to be lightyears ahead of the current version!

  • Multiplayer Tomcats Intercept Su-22 Fitter one month ago

    Semi-fictional, back in 1981 a pair of Tomcats intercepted a pair of Libyan Su-22 Fitters over the Gulf of Sidra and splashed both of them. I felt that this was rather similar, since it occurred over Maywar. 1 shared maneuvering kill!
    Not bad for an unplanned Multiplayer intercept eh?

  • community updates? one month ago

    Here's hoping this or something similar happens!

  • F-14A Tomcat 70 nm AIM-54 Phoenix Kill | SimplePlanes Multiplayer BVR one month ago

    I have other footage of a 96 nm Phoenix shot with an onboard missile camera, with a confirmed hit on a Panavia Tornado at 30,000 feet. I'll probably upload it sometime.
    Music is "Phoenix Rising" by Meteor, from Heatblur's Tomcat album for DCS.

  • Porsche 930 one month ago

    Hey this is what you crashed into my GT earlier on the server LOL. Chasing this thing around in my AH-1 Cobra was tons of fun.

  • Northrop Grumman F-14A Tomcat 2 months ago

    Oh HELL YEAH! This is nice! The airframe shaping and weapons are just MINT. Bravo!

  • HEAVEN (Teaser video) 2 months ago

    oooh I'm not the only one tinkering with a Tomcat build! Tag me when you release it!!

  • Funky Flying 2 months ago

    Honestly that's pretty accurate, Russian fighter tactics basically consist of "TURN OFF GRAVITY" anyway

  • Heat Haze 2 months ago

    So, when I use this, it outs it out in "waves", like it stutters, sometimes there's a heat haze, but intermittently there isn't. Is this normal?

  • USAF Roundel low visibility (1 label) 2 months ago

    So glad I found the original! I use your design on my F-14 Tomcat build, it's amazing!

  • Lockheed Martin F-16C Viper [Fedex] 2 months ago

    For when you need it like RIGHT NOW

  • Tig's Tomcat Hangar (All things F-14!) 2 months ago

    Little update, I've been working on the Tomcat build for a few weeks, been making tons of progress on deep modifications, because honestly, the more I flew the V4.0, the more little problems I found. It's a big continuous learning experience for me, I'm learning ridiculous amounts of information about the Tomcat LOL.

    Things you can expect to see in the upcoming release include:

    -Completely reworked flight model, correct weight and much more realistic aerodynamics/handling. Also working on modeling stall buffet.
    -Automatic wing sweep/glove vanes/maneuvering flaps, including manual override/oversweep
    -Split throttles and compressor stalls
    -Afterburner zones and shock diamond exhaust plumes, along with nozzle actuation upon entering burner
    -Fuel dump mechanism to facilitate safer carrier operations
    -Completely reworked main gears with proper suspension and scissor links
    -All sorts of lights, interior and exterior
    -Misc custom interior guages and revised HUD
    -Deep airframe reshaping, focused in the tail end
    -Missile masses added so that launching weapons lessens weight properly, less dead weight in airframe

    There's many other things that I didn't feel the need to mention in this list, but I'm taking my time on this next iteration, it's going to be not so much an evolution as a revolution.
    I also intend to create at least 1 or 2 liveries to go with it, as well as a much trimmed down mobile-friendly version!

  • F30XV Cinematic / Final Teaser 3 months ago

    Oh heck yeah, I'm always here for SP cinematic edits

  • Possum Industries I-3 SHSI 3 months ago

    @pohhhhhhum Heck yeah! If you wanna add me on Discord we can coordinate, my Discord is toxicfruit2000

  • Low Rider Tomcat | Updated version coming soon! 3 months ago

    I've been tinkering away at my Tomcat design like crazy for awhile, updates that I have ALREADY INCORPORATED into the next version include:
    -Automatic wing sweep/maneuvering flaps, as well as system interlocks
    -Landing gear suspension (early version shown, still working on beefing it up more and cosmetics)
    -Split throttle inputs
    -Reworked engines, giving linear performance, realistic fuel consumption, and afterburner zones
    -No more useless AIM-9M Sidewinders (they originally were outperformed by the Sparrows in turn rate, not realistic at all)
    -Refurbished cockpit with functioning RPM guages and no more unsightly ribs
    -Airframe tweaks

  • Possum Industries I-3 SHSI 3 months ago

    That's a lot of flares LOL

  • FA-18C STANDARD AGGRESSOR 3 months ago

    I love me some aggressor planes!

  • F-14 fm is near completion 3 months ago

    Hooooly cow that's CLEAN! The stall buffet and everything is absolutely incredible!

  • Tig's Grumman F-14A Tomcat V4.0 3 months ago

    @32 Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Northrop F-5E Tiger II 3 months ago

    Your G-force cam is awesome, also just thrilled to be able to fly an RVNAF F-5, my family is South Viet, so this is extra cool.
    Only thing I might change for the sake of my own gameplay is the afterburner power, it's wicked fast!

  • Tig's Tomcat Hangar (All things F-14!) 3 months ago

    @Robomo119E Nope, it's been cleared for release, I checked haha. This ain't War Thunder XD

  • Tig's Tomcat Hangar (All things F-14!) 3 months ago

    @LoneSpaceGaming Fixed! Thanks!

  • NFWS (TOPGUN) ACMR Pod Replica 3 months ago

    @Randomplayer If you find the title send it to me, because there's pitifully little information on the internet for this thing!