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May I change My bio

Hmm yeah.

So Hi Guys, This is CaesiciusPlanes Here, A Platinum French User That have lot of imagination (That's not what says my First forums xD) And who trust in Science, I love science, And planes so I thought this will be a good Idea


I'f so, Read the next Hours or Days of readings
So hello, I was Redlord And i found this game in End 2014 (That was a Long Time ago Boi), I was purely in love with this game but, I didn't had a Google play card , So you know what, I also (With my Other presents) Asked a Google Play Card for Christmas.
As soon as i got it, I logged in Google Play, I rushed to Find SP and Bought It.
My First Non uploaded Crafts were made of blocks, And They weren't even Flying, So Then i got down into the list and Miracle, Fuselages were Here, But there wasn't Circular Option so i had to deal With The old Mighty Curved fuselage, And This In 5,5,5 Is pretty bad.
My oldest creation That's still in the Top was The Dassault Mirage F1CR.
And Then i got 23 Votes for Litteraly Nothing
I changed name with a decision from a leaved player which is not Mattangi.
And here am I, A simple Guy creating complicated Tanks, Boats, Cars and Planes 'What's the game name? Simple planes'
I might 'I'f i can' Change My name to Caesicius Inc. 'Maybe'
And i don't know i'f that name is pretty Good for Others.

I have still RP's Which are Most likely inactive
I'm for now planning some Builds
A BF-109 Ish Plane 'LP-117'
A Futuristic Plane 'TZ-7 Quark ''Fire on The sea''
An Airliner 'TP Shadow-7'
A An-225 Inspired Build 'MR-1500 'NATO: Titan'
The Striker APC WIP for EternalDarkness Challenge
Of course 'M7A1 MBT'
And Many Others

Proud citizen of The Republic Of Simple Landia
And i think That's all i have to Say
So Enjoy
And Scroll down