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I'm French,I'f you didn't know
And also Just forgot It's for later.

Well, Hello there, It's CaesiciusPlanes.

The Plat French Guy, No, Not The other Plat French Guy xD
It's Me.

Well i started on October 2015, a long Time ago When i there was not Hinge rotators, no.... Weapons, Ect...
Then now, I'm Platinium
I do Planes, Tanks, Teesside Especially and also a lot of projects
À Friend
Jk Friends on no Order, I like you all.:
All my followers so there could be some in there

French pepole i know
À Guy
Told you I Can troll you

And i think that's all

-AverroesIndustries Oldly MemeKingIndustriesAndMegaCorporation
-I work for Matt do i could consider it as a Friend
Oldly named Delphinus: Delphinida
And ECT............
So much to list

Ok Now Also Trolls no one asked for, Things that fail miserably 🍇🍇🏧🍞🍓🍏🍗 I did told you!

And I'm Plat
I can't Thanks you as much, I can't explain me for doing to That point

Well, Now speak about me:

Actual Roleplay: Great World War I.
Last episode The Challenge and The Revenge


Nvr gna lt yu dwn, nvr gna gve yu up.

Ok i told you boi.
All my Friends that means SP Community.

I'm nice against nice pepole
And only the 'some' small amount or pepole that are bad, you know.

All my planes are drawn in advance
And ok so as i say:

WE are Allies!
WE Are a Community
WE Are doing Dreams happening

WE Are SP community: FOREVER Us And FOREVER Indivisible even I'f pepole try The best for Divide us!
What WE Are is what all or us did for 2 years!
All what WE did in the Last years are Changing the views of others !
What i say, What is hard, challenging or wierd, is interresting.
Or: I'f you find something hard or long to Do, Do it! That's the challenge of life 'Sp in this case'

Home you enjoyed this bio!

From: CaesiciusPlanes I'f you didn't remember.