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I'll post something soon I swear please don't sell my phone number to the French telemarketers

Hello there

Long live Avalon!

Just some weirdo who never checks the forums and is completely oblivious to anything that happens.
I'm a American who's addicted to aerospace and a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol.
In my free time I usually play video games, attempt to draw, or mess around with legos. I’ll usually play Ace Combat on the ps2, SimpleRockets2, SimplePlanes, From the Depths, and sometimes a bit of Minecraft, Roblox, From the Depths, and C&C Red Alert 3.

I started to get into the whole big part count fancy pants plane thing, but I cant really get them to work the way I want them to, and I just don't really feel like it, so I just kinda stick with more simple builds now. I love Cold War jets; fighters, bombers, transports, VTOLs, attackers, anything really, but at the moment interceptors are my favorite

yey two years!

My SimpleRockets2 account

The list

Please note: I am in no way related to the Wisconsin State Patrol. My actions, ideas, and opinions do not reflect those of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

Previously known as Cabbage17