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  • I’m leaving SimplePlanes 2.8 years ago

    You haven’t really tried as much as you think.
    I don’t mean to be rude but honesty points don’t mean skill or popularity! (new users can have good skills and new users can be popular)
    The Points aren’t even currency for new parts or anything the points are pointless! And so are the ranks!!
    With that in mind
    reaching gold shouldn’t be your goal!!
    Your goal should be to make awesome builds to the best of your abilty and share them.

    I did the same even if only one person liked it thats something to be proud of making a build someone likes is hard is to give up on that makes no sense.

    True there will be times when you put a lot into a build only for not many to notice.
    Give it time keep building when people like one of your builds they will probably look to see if its a one off good build or if your someone they might follow to see what you build next.
    Going for gold takes time and if that all you consentrate on then you will lose the fun in the game you have.
    I’d suggest keep building and try new things to add details.
    maybe download a few builds learn what people do to get certin effects a apply that knowledge to your buids to make them better.
    Try these things and i’m sure if you just build and do your best you should reach gold.
    Remember to try new things like maybe make your own thrust vectoring engine or custom wings bomb bays just to nsme a few in this game you learn as you go ill be around to ask if you are unsure of something and i can help with builds too.

  • [JUDGING] cursed object challenge 2.1 years ago

    Ok this is gonna get weird

  • Orbital Killer 2 4.8 years ago

    Could you make a mobile friendly version

  • How to get things to hover? 6 months ago

    @Ormalawayo actually did find something that would work for you not my work but this other dudes he made the perfect vtol it hooverd perfectly been spending a long time looking how he did it to do it myself i have also been on the same build a long time now his vtol system has come i have decided to start that build from scratch ill find the build then link you it

  • [B&W] Junkers F 13 (Perfezione) 2.4 years ago

    I had checked details in the editor just can’t fly it @Winstonlharambe

  • dogfight challenge "closed" 2.6 years ago

    Well as said we did a bit back and tbh i don’t regret my end I stood up for another and gave him what he did to asd—-can’t remember the full name but it began with asdj something @randomusername

  • Gold Dimond 2.6 years ago

    Not a fan of the colours but i can see detail went into this nice work on the cockpit shape the plane looks good flys ok

  • Another landing gear problem 2.7 years ago

    I can prove this wrong I have a prop plane that does 238mph but only 212mph when the gear is down in sort the drag isn’t much different and if your jet/plane can go 1000+ mph you’re not going to notice anything different

  • Jundroo Atomic Mk.1 2.8 years ago

    Small glitchs when opening doors a piece of the cd player pops out floating and moving with the door and when you try going full speed it spins to the left @CeeToTheZee otherwise cool build

  • Vote 2.8 years ago

    You all seem to have good ideas one main one being to take time off which I guess makes sense but i had already done that ill try again @randomusername @LiamW @DPSAircraftManufacturer

  • AlienIndustries Antelope STOL - Tropic Air Express 3.0 years ago

    Yeah I mean builds look so much better in the sandbox then in the dark creatior gauge @Tessemi

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 4.1 years ago

    It's not that it's not good because it is very good it's that I've seen other things that I feel could challenge it for the spot @Lightflight

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 4.1 years ago

    A whole year and this has remained highest rated I can see why it's a amazing build but what happened to the maker also I've seen some builds out there that could challenge this for highest rated spot but I guess this truly is great as I think

  • DO NOT UPVOTE (REQUESTED PART) 4.6 years ago

    Well if everyone likes the prototype so much then you all love the finished product
    @OverlordAeronautics2 @NyanCatPlanes @ForeverPie

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 5.0 years ago

    And it is still too be fair if I had built this I would have quit doing old type planes because I would never top this in fact it kinda makes me think that now should I quit?

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 5.0 years ago

    This must be good it's still highest rated of all time

  • Lockheed F-117N Seahawk V2 lands on uss beast one month ago

    @TheRealJBerry that's not the problem the problem is he stole it off another user and took the credit

  • Trident Class CV 1.1 years ago

    Would you mind if i took inspiration from this? Specifically the double runways i like them a lot that and it means the hull is huge

  • Ford Bronco ‘69 1.2 years ago

    @Dllama4 fun little thing i maxed its engine tho more fun with a 2000 horsepower

  • A-10 Warthog II 1.5 years ago

    I think you uploaded the plane twice by mistake

  • Egg Challenge, Completed! 1.5 years ago

    I got just the thing for this

  • Tesla probably use SP to design cyber truck 1.6 years ago

    Yeah but now I feel if i go though with finishing it of it will be viewed as a copy cat @Hayhayjam664

  • Heinkel He 112 1.6 years ago


  • Been a while but I’m back and I have a new mind set a healthier one then my previous self 1.6 years ago

    He moved to mixer since and discord is still active @bjac0

  • PC controls 1.6 years ago

    I use trackpad for flying and building but if I’m doing accurate stuff then i use my mouse

  • Blenheim Mk.1F 1.9 years ago


  • F-413B Orca 2.1 years ago

    It’s really hard to see how this is only 458 parts I still think it would have taken 800 but somehow no this is a very nice build like the shape love the paintwork

  • F-413B Orca 2.2 years ago

    This is nice and with a little amount of parts it still has lots of detail I thought this would have about 800 parts I was wrong

  • USS beast Controller 2.2 years ago

    I made the uss tiny go up against the beast

  • So building on pc isn’t easy as thought 2.2 years ago

    Thx all good answers from everyone but yours is most helpful as I didn’t know about ctrl helping @CruzerBlade

  • Multi-Functional Infantry Air Defense Vehicle 2.3 years ago

    How do you put the extra pictures into the description? Also very nice tank

  • I’m gonna take a break again until End of January maybe longer 2.5 years ago

    Actually helpful comments I’ve been down lately since the first time I left I wanna build and i want to try other builds but i can’t build on iOS anymore due to it glitching I can’t get a computer until January and tbh I just don’t think ill be able to get back into the game I’ve been trying to since the first post this was a game i loved but now I can’t even build a build I’m satisfied with to post every time I make a build i then keep editing it eventually I decide to ackhive it as a build to work on later i do this to try to start fresh without deleting because I’m not happy with the build then eventually i end up deleting everything because that reason @randomusername @F104Deathtrap

  • Don’t change my bio you f***ing a****** 2.6 years ago

    Well that answers both @Blue0Bull

  • Don’t change my bio you f***ing a****** 2.6 years ago

    What do you think? @Blue0Bull

  • Don’t change my bio you f***ing a****** 2.6 years ago

    Hmm why don’t you try substituting the f bomb with something else that begins with f or blank the whole thing like this @PerfectCell

  • Is there a way to make really big explosions? 2.6 years ago

    @ACEPILOT109 @randomusername @Strikefighter04 @LiamW it’s for a self destruct mode on a jet large jet at that I was hoping to make it so it could go with a Big Bang taking the enemy out with it in a glorious hugh Michal bay explosion

  • Join My Air Force Challenge! [Winner Decided] 2.6 years ago

    Ok so the i could remake the f232 tornado wolf (my best jet so far and by remake i mean redesign and new everything as I've learned a lot since) basically a mk2 so f233 @BaconRoll

  • VS-2V-1FT Spitfire Python Updated 2.7 years ago

    Ok you have caught my eye with this awesome looking build (seriously it’s really eye catching) I’m gonna see how it flys brb........ edit flys ok i love it

  • My Classroom 2.7 years ago

    Is there a downvote button ? ( Jk but I hate school)

  • P777 Pest fighter 2.7 years ago

    Sounds good I think I have a design in mind @Yeagerskibbiers

  • Challenger Half Track Tank 2.7 years ago

    This is cool

  • SU-30CM 2.7 years ago

    That camo is pretty well done I like like the colours really goes well with that jet which is a remarkable piece of work itself I like the amount of detail just the right amount could have more but it looks awesome already it’s not over done it’s just nice handling isn’t bad ether overall nice build

  • P-51D-30 Fixed 2.8 years ago

    Good to see you back well this remarkable remake when the update made this unflyable I tried making it work myself I felt I couldn’t do it justice such fine work I couldn’t match up to now I’m glad the maker has returned to it to set this bird right and free

  • Jundroo Atomic Mk.1 2.8 years ago

    Kinda want to see a roofed version or a jeep version

  • Regarding Tags 2.8 years ago

    @EternalDarkness can you add a tag tournament planes? So people can find planes made for the tournaments maybe make a auto tag that when a plane is entered to a tournament so people can surf though those.
    Also a tag for modded part requests where’s people can ask anyone for a modded part and those looking to help in that way can use the tag

  • PLZ HELP ME 3.1 years ago

    ??? What do you usually make?

  • 5th Gen Cockpit 1.7 update 3.2 years ago

    Actually ive been meaning to talk to you about the cockpit views can you make a low parts version?

  • @FranticMatty...I need help with design 3.3 years ago

    I can help

  • Who likes Pinapple on pizza? 3.3 years ago

    It makes the pizza soggy @jamesPLANESii