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  • the comunity has collasped 3.2 years ago

    as a long time user, not really. if anything, it has grown a significant amount

  • I hate this 4.8 years ago

    i upvote w/out downloading all the time

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 5.8 years ago

    look how many downloads...

  • (Mod request) Piston ->firegun 5.0 years ago


  • Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash [ATC Update] 2.8 years ago

    This might not be an actual video of the crash. Not to argue, but some people are saying that that is an older video and not of the actual crash. note grassy / green picture above compared to orange landscape in video. conditions of the crash were reportedly foggy. video depicts clear weather. So yeah, might not be the legit crash video, but it might. idk

  • Macchi C.202 Folgore 3.0 years ago

    looks good :) very well done

  • test 3.4 years ago


  • P-34D 4.0 years ago

    nice build!

  • BoingBoing 787 Dreamliner 4.0 years ago

    i actually laughed. this is awesome

  • F-82 4.1 years ago

    America intensifies

  • Running Mech 4.2 years ago

    @BurkeEnterprise yeah... still working on that. ive gotten it all the way up to 12 at full throttle :p

  • New Mech Build 4.2 years ago

    @randomusername ill try, it sounds interesting. thanks :)

  • Which is fake? 4.4 years ago

    left is obviously fake

  • Important news 4.8 years ago

    very important, great news update, thanks

  • 1.7 Beta now available 5.2 years ago

    how to use the countermeasure part?

  • Project HELIOS 5.4 years ago

    @Aaron2107 sure!

  • How high can you fly? 5.6 years ago

    i say use expolosions to launch yourself up... :)

  • The Towers July 2001 6.1 years ago

    @bigluke beleive me, it would die of lag (if u tried to enter game simulation)

  • Schwerer Gustav 6.1 years ago

    I made it fly

  • T-50 arme in progress 6.2 years ago

    welcome to the comunity!

  • Happy Pi Day! 6.7 years ago


    and so on...

  • Arado TEW 16/43-19 2.7 years ago

    great build! dont remember having seen one of these before

  • MY SCHOOL IS CLOSED! 2.7 years ago

    all of my sports were cancelled. My clubs and competitions were also cancelled.

  • I6-bullshark 2.8 years ago

    mind if i do a dieselpunk remake of this?

  • B-25 J Mitchell 3.0 years ago

    beautifully done :)

  • BF 109N3 (The Small ReWork) 3.0 years ago

    love the cockpit

  • Sprite Cranberry 3.0 years ago

    mmm... crite spranberry

  • Converted Fiat CR.32 3.0 years ago

    @TitanIncorporated sorry, ive been so busy i havent had time for SP

  • F-14/15 concept teaser 3.4 years ago

    @D0M1N420R the tail is custom. i agree with you, i should do more custom surfaces. i do have a different model with some more custom stuff on it

  • F-14/15 concept teaser 3.4 years ago

    @YourWife It started as an f-14, but i kinda integrated some f-15 bits so its a bit of both i guess

  • animal walker challenge 3.4 years ago

    what about slithering?

  • I need YOUR, HELP! 3.4 years ago

    would you want to do another collaboration?

  • Best(maybe) quadruped 3.4 years ago

    Nice! i really like what you did with the pistons to prevent it from backing up. my walkers have all had that problem and your solution is fantastic

  • And i fucking hate myself 3.6 years ago

    @Lrdub hey, just suggesting that you edit the title, a mod might delete the post

  • me 262 3.6 years ago

    love <3

  • Hawker Hurricane 3.7 years ago

    Nice work!

  • Upload with Screenshots 3.9 years ago

    @ViridiCinis the mod. i have SP on steam but i cant figure out how to add mods that aren't on the workshop

  • Upload with Screenshots 3.9 years ago

    @ViridiCinis how did you get it on steam? my MAC said steam cant run files of that type

  • Moonlight Switchblade 4.0 years ago

    @fuggle im glad you like it! thanks!

  • my first plane 4.0 years ago

    great start! welcome to the community!

  • Bristol Blenheim (not compleat) 4.0 years ago

    i tagged you in an unlisted post

  • Is there an ''Official SP Discord''? 4.0 years ago

    @tsampoy someone posed some messed up stuff that wasn't ok so the devs closed the server

  • J-10B 4.1 years ago

    great build!

  • GAC - Moto 4.1 years ago

    neato, i like

  • Airbrake 4.2 years ago

    @asteroidbook345 yeah, go ahead

  • Running Mech 4.2 years ago

    @WalrusAircraft Thank you :)

  • Running Mech 4.2 years ago

    @TearJerker haha no

  • Running Mech 4.2 years ago

    @GenericWhiteGuy @Milo1628xa Thanks :)