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I build planes and tanks n stuff on my iPhone SE and self-built Gaming PC.

My Discord: The Warden of Souls#9034

Server: https://discord.gg/yg3EW8kHN

About Me:

I'm a metal-head who lives in Ohio and co-founder of the YouTube channel Ohio Gaming. I was born on January 30th, 2007 and I'm male. I love making planes from the 20th century, the time of war. My favorite planes are the A-10 Warthog (THE GUUUN), F-14 Tomcat, Mirage III, SR-71, F-4 Phantom, F-104G Starfighter, and the MiG-21. I'm at school from 6:50 EST to 14:30 EST. That's just the times when I'm at school, not when it starts and ends.

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