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  • MiG-25 FoxBat 13 hours ago

    I just don't understand why did you rush this project and ignored the issues.
    You just released it unfinished

    1. You have fuel for just 2-3 minutes of flight.
    2. You kept those unrealistic engine exhaust blades.
    3. Is impossible to bring the plane to land at 180 mph (the landing speed)
    4. Flaps do nothing useful.

  • PZL-Mielec M-15 Belphegor yesterday

    You must confuse me with someone else. I didn't touch this atrocity.

  • Anybody else struggling getting error messages when upvoting, spotlighting and uploading crafts? 9 days ago

    yep... took me ages to modify that 2 parts suggestion forum. After several attempts, I was successful
    Still, there was a server maintenance yesterday, so I see everything is back to normal.

    Btw, I see you are a greeny now. How about you make (when you have time) a tutorial about making a plane VR friendly?

  • New BETA ruined my game 6 days ago

    @WNP78 Just in case, i've sent the player.log file anyway. It didn't have any log in its name, but like the supreme blonde I am, didn't checked the extension.
    Good thing you found the issue.

    Edit: I remember why I didn't sent it... it had 0 kb size.

  • New BETA ruined my game 6 days ago

    @AndrewGarrison I reverted to no beta version. But i will go beta again and do those tasks for you. Give me an hour

  • Bell X-14 8 days ago

    @BeastHunter Thank you for upvotes.

  • What is this in the bottom of every public uploaded build? 11 days ago

    @WNP78 It was an insanely long formula. It had like 7-8k characters :)
    But it has no impact on performance. Ok, got it now. Thank you for info

  • JR-MB335 4.1 2 days ago

    @RamboJutter SP bad habits to create a ton of connections if you modify the size of a fuselage. I truly hate that

  • JR-MB335 4.1 3 days ago

    Bzzz, you have a stuck rudder, bro! Update the XML

  • PS Dunav (1868) 10 days ago

    Amazing ship and presentation.

  • What is this in the bottom of every public uploaded build? 11 days ago

    @WNP78 I appreciate... So, new lesson. Less parts is not necessarily more mobile friendly. I used a insanely huge FT formula on my Tupolev Tu-14 "Bosun" for auto-aiming. Just curious how much it affects the performance costs

  • What is this in the bottom of every public uploaded build? 11 days ago

    @WNP78 Is it possible to have a list of performance cost for each part? Nevermind, Since performance is displayed in game menu, I can do that.

  • Gloster Meteor F Mk.4 12 days ago

    XML Updated
    Takeoff time is now 18-19s, instead of 17
    Elevator rotators range increased for a better agility, plane is now able to pull higher AoA

  • Cherokee 140 13 days ago

    bzzzz, you have a problem