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Talking Tree from Vietnam#

(?°?°)?? ??? FLIP THAT TABLE. ??? ? ?(°?°?) FLIP THIS TABLE. ??? ? \('0')// ? ??? FLIP ALL THE TABLES ?? Son... ?? Put. ?? The tables. ?_? Back. (?°-°)???? (?°?°)?? ??? NEVER!!!!

- Andrew Garrison should make an announcement about mods being abolished from Android and IOS never having mods cuz...shut up.
- the A-10 Warthog is overrated, the Su-25 Frogfoot is underrated.

I play War Thunder, if you even care, and if you do, here's my user:
- VeryCommunist
(yes I know it's a terrible name)

I may take requests, but expect them to take quite a while, and I usually have no motivation to do anything that isn't related to The Soviet Union/Russia (just keep that in mind).

Current Commission(s): PAK 44 (delayed)

Reached gold: May 8, 2021 (Victory Day)

Status: oh no, I think I'm turning toxic, anyway... (I'm still active if you're that concerned)

- Tookan.png #3108

| who are these people? Hmm, I wonder
| why they're on my bio...


Previously known as Bobofboblandia, BobBobTheLandia, Tookan