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Welcome/ Selamat datang / Dobro pozhalovat'

About me

  Just love ur current, stop hating ur less. evolve ur skill slowly n carefully and soon you will be Perfect.

-I'm an Indonesian 🇮🇩

-My hobby is Play game, my fav Genre is Action, Adventure, Simulation, FPS, Sandbox.

  • I like game that make me Creative similar Besiege, Stormworks, Simpleplane, Minecraft. ETC

-I need long time to create. So stay tuned

Builder note

All my craft is free to Repost as successor,only for Less equalthan silver/bronze rank .

~Feel Free to choose my aircraft for reposted ... Soon, u can made it urself better ,cus i know u can ~
Only successor i could protect u from any disagreement against the rule
Ps: i know This is Against the rule . But dude stop hating newbies .. Just give em little share ,
~Stay kind~

thx for everyone who follow me, supporting n Always give me an Upvote.
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My fiction Manufacturer:

A-9 Strom clouds
A-12 vulture


Bronze: 19/9/2020 reach- start the dream.
Silver: 29/9/2020 reach - skill evolved
Gold:5/11/2020 reach(Current) Make it perfect
Platinum?/???? Not reach (my destination)

25 Follower 25/10/2020
50 Follower 30/12/2020
125 Follower 25/5/2021
150 Follower 23/6/2021

EggCraft Influencer

Egg NamWar POV

Pacific warfare in eggshell


Project requested:req ur egg Here