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Hello! I am Black Hawk Corporations, I am a Left Handed Corporation that makes all kinds of crafts and designs, my purpose is to produce compact and simple designs that can be used over again, or dismantled for even bigger designs that others make.

I try my best in my time to make designs fitting to anyone, and I do not make designs to grab upvotes, I just want to see what someone can create of my masteries

I want to help as much as I can with other designs of small appearance as much as I can and show appreciation to others on this site.

I have a YouTube Channel called Cam Da Man! With 4 subscribers on it, I post Simpleplanes videos, music (maybe) and other stuff that's fun!

I have my own discord! It's not much stuff on there because I haven't been on there lately but check it out!
Invite code: bpYaBv3J

As things I say on my own,

"Names said can be bitter in the mouth and lukewarm in the stomach, but over time it is almost as sweet as it is bitter, then it is absolute perfection." - Black Hawk Corporations

WH-VB31 Heavy VTOL Transport (completed)
Genzuvela Class Tactical Destroyer (completed)
Macross Class Carrier (40%)
N-05 Mobile Suit (completed)
TU-4B Main Battle Tank (completed)
N77-WH Colsaw Heavy Transport (20%)
AB-94G Challenger (completed)
Zepplin Staaken R.VI (completed)

Previously known as Cammandaslam, AirFrontierIncorporation, AirFrontierInc