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Welcome to my airplanes and other death causing machine factory. The main Series of airplanes will be the Em series with Em as my initials of my real name and models a-z with different numbers to show what attempt I made of the same plane, the final letter is either
T=Military/Bomber or fighter or in between.



E=Experimental in all fields

G=General civil service(like an airliner or cargo plane)

GF(T,M,or C)=Converted civil planes to military service

S=Stock airplanes(like some small cheap fighter but does good in dogfights, suitable to small air forces with low budgets)


B=Maritime vehicle

L=land vehicle.

R= Recon designed vehicles or planes.

Example, EM- B(Model letter) 2(Second Variation or attempt) M(A military transport) Optional second letter, could have E as it is experimental.

  • For clarification military cargo is stuff like food and clothing, while military transports are troop, war vehicles, and ammo transports. *

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