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Welcome stranger, what brings you to these fine parts?

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My Space


My space is what I'm calling my own fictional universe (until I can think of a better name) that my builds will be set in. It takes place many years in the future where humanity has colonized most of our solar system. The government of this era is called "Solaris Union" (Think United Nations), but the real power belongs to the big corporations. They have monopolies all throughout the system and control trade and travel routes.

The vehicles and designs of this world are going to be a mix of                       star-citizen, cyberpunk 2077, and whatever random art I find online.                                      Also I will try to make all the builds 1:1 scale.

In order to know if 1 of my builds is in the “MySpace” universe or not, My space will be written at the top of the description.


- Hornet

Hopefully I can follow through on this and not forget about it or become Lazy.