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Bagels are good. Building planes is fun.

Mister T's Normandy is awesome!

Hey! It's Bagel here, building who knows what now. I like to make my aircraft fun to use, while still retaining some realism. You'll be able to find be on multiplayer from 2-5 PM EST, but with classes in session the odds of that are a bit low. Anyways, enjoy the builds!

Some stuff about me:

  • I like aviation (duh, why else am I here)

  • Proud American 🇺🇸 (Joe’s Gotta Go)

  • Favorite sport is Cross Country (XC)

  • And no I don't survive on just bagels

Current Status: Busy but alive

Really helpful links:
Unlisted Builds Page
Landing Gear Delays #1
Landing Gear Delays #2
Flight Model Stuff
Funky Trees
A Bunch of Really Useful Codes

Not-so-helpful links:
My SimpleRockets2 Account (Got the Game!)

And . . .

There happens to be a hidden biplane in my bio. Try and find it!