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Reached Gold
Plays on android and also on pc
Makes Mobile friendly builds(300-600 parts)
Is Active almost everytime
Is from the 3rd most powerful country(not China)
Is 736th on the user's list
And is on the 20th page
I love my country and The USSR


Friends and team members

A very good cockpit builder and best friend
Speaks spanish and builds ww2 planes
We work together to make new planes i like his cockpits

He is new to Simpleplanes but makes his planes and vehicles like a simpleplanes professional or veteran

Is A Good Or Very Good Birb Builder
And Also Makes Good Things He Is The First In Simpleplanes To Make Birbs

And Yes, I love world war 2 planes and not anything Sci-Fi

Previously known as BSKPlays2009, ReturningShu, TodMakesStuff, SlavonPlaysSP, AStalkerInSP