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  • About the airfoils.. 5.5 years ago

    A symmetric wing produces the least lift and the least drag, a semi-symmetric wing produces medium lift and medium drag, a flat-bottom wing produces high lift and high drag. If you want a lot of lift with small wing area, you use a wing type with more lift. Otherwise you better take the wing type with the lowest drag and increase wing area for more lift. Also all wing types except symmetric gain more lift with more speed, which may become a problem with stability at low and high speeds.
    They are not airfoils by the way, they are wing shapes.

  • Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 2.8 years ago

    @Gameboi14 The restrictions of the challenge say that the planes have to stay below 1000 parts. 999 is below 1000, that's why I won't add another part. :)

  • Educational gearbox model 5.2 years ago

    Kind of, but not really. It would be hard to get a gearbox working in SP, especially because the rotators have a limited rotation speed on free spin, making gear ratios obsolete. Also trying to rotate something faster than that limit will rip it off the rotators.

  • Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 2.7 years ago

    @spefyjerbf @SaturnV Thanks guys! Glad you like it. And thanks @EternalDarkness for the Feature! :)

  • Working Artificial Horizons 2.8 years ago

    @Ariathe @MrSilverWolf Thank you very much! :) I hope to see some nice builds with this.

  • Convoy Truck one year ago

    @SpencerTreePuncher Yeah it took several days if not weeks to get the dimensions of every part right. I repeatedly drove my truck next to the convoy and looked at any differences and made adjustments until it looked identical.

  • MP May 17th 2.4 years ago

    @BlobfishMaster Yeah, I've worked a lot on it to make the suspension really smooth and tune the gyroscope in it. It helps especially when doing those long jumps. But for climbing it's best to disable it IMO. Otherwise it tries turning you around as you lose traction on the rearwheels.

    I thought about making a side-by-side like the Can-Am Maverick X3. But it's so time consuming and I have a lot of other games to play. Also I fear the small footprint will make it flip a lot.

  • MP May 17th 2.4 years ago

    @Freerider2142 Thx dude!
    That's really some nice driving and flying there. I'm surprised my buggy didn't break into pieces on some of those jumps.


    The wife is the superior form of life.
    According to her

  • C-666 ADV 2.7 years ago

    @Feanor Your build inspired me and also served as a good base for me to build a highspeed train that actually deserves that name and runs pretty smooth. I also added coaches which are a mix between British MK3 coaches and French TGV coaches with nice interior and working doors. The two heads are basically shortened versions of yours with a few changes here and there. Topspeed is 165 MPH and even in medium corners it can go 80 MPH without a problem.
    Because the design is from you I want to ask for permission to upload. :-)

  • Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 2.8 years ago

    @JamesBleriot I like that idea. Might consider building one when I have the time.

  • Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 2.8 years ago

    @Benny3053 LOL, I actually thought about making it five letters so it's 100% correct, but on the other hand it would make the lettering on one side of the wing much wider than on the other side, and I hate asymmetry. Plus I couldn't imagine anyone here would actually notice such a minor detail! :D

  • Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 2.8 years ago

    @Viper3000ad Yes, there is a veeery slow roll in flight. During the weeks building it I couldn't find the cause, I guess it's some error. You can counter it with a bit of rudder trim though and it adds a bit of realism, as planes in reality also don't fly 100% perfect and need to be trimmed. However on the ground I never had an issue, except for one time when one of the props magically increased it's power. I corrected it and since then it has always been going straight. You could check if your CoT is offcenter and adjust engine power to be equal if it's the case.

  • Working Artificial Horizons 2.8 years ago

    @Nerfenthusiast Yes, it has zero drag. And also zero weight except for the gyroscope, it needs a bit of weight to work correctly.

    @Jacobdaniel Thank you very much! I hope they are useful to others.

  • Pilatus PC-12 NG v1.0 2.8 years ago

    @CruzerBlade Nope, it's around 2:1. When I built it I didn't have as good tools as nowadays and the scaling didn't work so well.

  • Scorpion V8 Sandrail Buggy Mobile 2.9 years ago

    @Sm10684 Phones have a lot less performance than PCs and in my opinion it's a lot easier to work on PC than on mobile. I could try to make this less performance-hungry, but it's going to cost looks and functions.

  • Scorpion V8 Sandrail Buggy 2.9 years ago

    @Chancey21 Thank you very much! :D

  • Offroad Test Drivers wanted! 2.9 years ago

    @Hayhayjam664 Yep, that worked :)

  • HSAV Mod. II-Z2 4.6 years ago

    @Smasher I guess you mean that this one is missing the axles (basically the wheels are unpowered now). I tried putting some on after doing the suspension, but they always broke it. I could probably get it right, but messing with the connections in SP is rarely worth the effort and I never sacrifice function for realism. Atleast it now doesn't always jump around and roll over. :D

  • Convoy AA Tank 5.0 years ago

    @PcWorld2001 I think you got me wrong. This is a mobile SAM launcher, meaning that it can drive around and is not stationary (= mobile). SAM means Surface-to-Air-Missile.

  • Convoy Truck 5.3 years ago

    @WalrusAircraft I am doing these convoy vehicles first, so I can test my hijack trailer on them. No need to find the convoy every time I make a small change on it. :D I hope you have the Beta, but I am thinking about uploading it with 1.4 wheels.

  • Suggestion - Bomb help 5.6 years ago

    Basically you can really forget about drag and just calculate with altitude, airspeed, angle of attack and gravitation. I've read that's also how real attack aircrafts calculate the impact point.

    First you calculate the current vertical velocity (Vy) by multiplying airspeed with the sine of the current angle of attack and multiply the outcome by (-1), if AoA is below 0°, as the outcome would otherwise be negative when flying downwards (below 0° AoA) and we want flying downwards to result in a positive value, just like flying upwards. Flying level at 0° AoA results in 0 vertical velocity at all airspeeds.

    As an example I'll take 450 m/s (~1006 MPH) airspeed at -30° AoA, which results in 225 m/s vertical velocity.

    Now we also need the height and vertical acceleration to calculate the time the projectile needs to hit the ground. In the first calculation we can only use the actual altitude of the aircraft, in further calculation we can use the height deviation between the aircraft and the ground height on the previous impact point for better accuracy (if the game engine allows reading out the ground height at any point of the map). Vertical acceleration is always 9.81 m/s².
    Based on the angle of attack we need to use the right formula.

    For 0° AoA it's just the square root of 2 x height divided by vertical acceleration.

    This is for negative AoA

    This is for positive AoA

    In the example that would be ~5 seconds at 1000 m altitude.

    With the time we can estimate the impact point distance after calculating the horizontal velocity (Vx) of the aircraft by just multiplying the airspeed by the cosine of the angle of attack. At 450 m/s and -30° AoA that is 389.7 m/s horizontal velocity.

    In 5 seconds the projectile would travel 1948.5 m, so the impact point is 1000 m below us and 1948.5 m ahead of us. You could now just put a marker on the ground there, but I would rather like a pipper on the HUD, so we also need the angle between the line from the aircraft to impact point and the direction the aircraft is facing to. The angle between height and distance of 90° gives us a right angled triangle together with the line between aircraft and impact point. For that we first have to know the angle of the line between aircraft and impact point compared to a straight l

  • Steam Release v1.4 5.6 years ago

    @Delphant Take off from Wright airport and fly heading 210. Sky Park City is very colorful and very close to the Wright Isles, you can't miss it.

    @PhilipTarpley The Kraken is damn scary. Is there anything to achieve? I'm trying to fly through it all the time to see if there's an achievement or anything. I hate that whispering. :D

  • Chinese J-31 Gyrfalcon Fighter 5.8 years ago

    @Hyperloop They have stolen construction plans of the F-35 and this is supposed to be their version of it, which is also a multirole aircraft, but far superior and with less issues. :D Basically they've taken the good things of the F-22 and put it into the design of the F-35.

  • Convoy AA Tank 3 months ago

    @KangBaksoIntel1 Yes, that's how the models are in the game. It's a replica

  • Convoy Truck 6 months ago

    @FoxCraftPlanes You can check the description. Komuchai made an inaccurate model and I spent multiple days to make it absolutely scale. :)

  • Pilatus PC-12 NG v1.0 9 months ago

    @Mandanbb8099 It's fine :)

  • Convoy AA Tank 9 months ago

    @smolensk Sure, as long as you do a modification to it, it's not a problem ;)

  • Convoy Truck 1.4 years ago

    @FireBirdDynamics They only react once you shoot them or lock them with a missile

  • (mobile friendly) Kenworth W900L Studio Sleeper Outback Trapper 1.4 years ago

    @SilverStar You can use it, but with credits to me and WalrusAircrafts. I mean these days there is a credit system built into the website, but it's still unpolite to use someone's work without mentioning them in the description.

  • Convoy Truck 1.6 years ago

    @Otizzle As long as you're making changes to it other than just changing the color, go ahead. :)

  • (mobile friendly) Kenworth W900L Studio Sleeper Outback Trapper 1.8 years ago

    @Skyler717 3.4 years ago most mobile devices struggled to run builds like this.

  • (mobile friendly) Kenworth W900L Studio Sleeper Outback Trapper 1.8 years ago

    @Skyler717 Mobile version has a lot less parts and better performance since it lacks the interior

  • Convoy Truck 2.3 years ago

    @Nerfaddict Lol, I never tested that

  • Offroad Test Drivers wanted! 2.5 years ago

    @SimonGlaser Yes, I tried to make it obvious. Guess it worked

  • New Moderator 2.6 years ago

    @Mod *Dankeschön
    We like to combine several words to one :)
    And congrats!

  • Refuel 2.6 years ago

    @P0TET0Z The base model is the Mirage III V.1.0 from SpiritusRaptor Link. I modified it to be easier to control at lower speeds and added WNP's fuel probe. I can upload the modified version if you want it. However this is so old that SR has released a V.2.0 of the Mirage III in the meantime.

  • Gecko V8 Sandrail Buggy 2.6 years ago

    @TheStig918 I already did. Just use the mobile version found in the description, it uses the default beacon lights.

  • (Updated) McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II 2.7 years ago

    This thing looks brilliant!

  • APT Class 666 5-Car 2.7 years ago

    @Stormfur Have you also tried this one? It is below 1000 parts and has a low amount of wheels. According to some other mobile users that should be running fine.

  • APT Class 666 5-Car 2.7 years ago

    @GritAerospaceSolutionsLTD It's more a fictional livery, but I chose the Virgin Trains and British Rail liveries as reference.

  • APT Class 666 5-Car 2.7 years ago

    @RailfanEthan second

  • Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II 2.8 years ago

    @asteroidbook345 Yup, like on the real thing.

  • A-10 Thunderbolt II 2.8 years ago

    @BogdanX Your gun placement is accurate and so is your loadout, I don't have anything to complain about that. The nose gear placement is also reasonable because of SP physics limitations. The fuselage and details are very close to perfection and it's a great replica.

    The flares are the only thing that made me curious, and I know this is a high-level of nitpicking. I didn't remember a pod for the A-10 with flares except for the large flares on parachutes which are used to light up the ground for better view. Even the A-10As used in operation Desert Storm in 1991 and the A-10As operated in Iraqi Freedom had these flare dispensers integrated behind the landing gear and schematics from 1999 also include flare dispensers. The museum model and some rare images of pre-1980 models are the only ones I have seen so far that don't have them.

    Starting in the late Vietnam war IR missiles became very common and were death threats to pilots. Not having flares in the A-10 from 1980 would have made every mission a suicide job.
    Even if you chose to not put the flares on for vintage style, then why put some on the ECM-pod? That makes no sense in my opinion.

    I won't publicly upload an "overhauled" version just because of some very minor details like this, but I would upload it unlisted so you can see what I mean or use it for an overhaul yourself.

  • A-10 Thunderbolt II 2.8 years ago

    @BogdanX The landing gear is also offcenter on the real thing because it's more important that the gun is close to the center, as the recoil is strong enough to change the heading of the aircraft.

    But in SP having offcenter landing gear would probably make it move sideways on the ground, so I'm okay with it beeing in the center.

    In general this is probably the best A-10C ever built in SP and I really like it, but I know you are very precise so I want to tell you that you got the countermeasure dispenser completely wrong.

    The ECM-pod (radar jammer) you put on it has no cm dispenser in reality, instead there are four dispensers with 30 flares each on both sides of the aircraft, right behind the rear landing gear in the fairings.


    Because that would mean launching 8 flares at the same time in SP, I did some changes. I put the four dispensers behind the landing gear on both sides, set their launch force and ammo to 0 and then added a bigger one with 120 ammo (4*30) which covers a set of four dispensers and nudged it so that it's not visible. Now the flares are relatively realistic. In reality they alternate between left and right.

    If you want I can upload it unlisted and give you the link.

  • Working Artificial Horizons 2.8 years ago

    @jamesPLANESii Yeah, I've seen all the ones which just go with the orientation of the gyro for simplicity and have no markers for the bank angle as it would rotate around with the sphere.
    I wouldn't like to have something like that on my build as I also want correct functionality if possible instead of just looks.

    I'm glad you like it. :)

  • Scorpion V8 Sandrail Buggy 2.8 years ago

    @WhiteKyuremGaming I did make a version without mods! :) You can find the links in the description, but I'll also post it Here. There is also an updated version with better suspension and more realistic looks, which is also available without mods.

  • Scorpion V8 Sandrail Buggy 2.8 years ago

    Thank you guys for so many downloads! I'm really impressed this is such a popular build. Don't forget to also check out the newer version, which has an even better suspension system and handling!

  • 180° Degree Hinges and Rotators 2.9 years ago

    @SelectAKey Basically yes, but the range is 180° in the settings. It specifies how far you can rotate in any direction. There was a guy asking for them as he can't do XML.

  • Scorpion V8 Sandrail Buggy 2.9 years ago

    @exosuit No, not Mad Max related. There are actual real cars like this made for desert racing or just having fun driving around in dunes. I don't have a problem with drag on this one, the problem is that this version tends to just turn around while jumping a lot. I increased the stability so this only happens very rarely. Also looks and suspension are much more like the real thing.