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  • Is There Female Players?? 2.4 years ago

    Rule 30 of the Internet: "There are no girls on the Internet."

  • Regarding Mass Tagging 3.5 years ago

    My idea: the Tag Button
    Basically, there'd be a button next to the follow button on every forum/video post, which you can press/activate. Doing so will send you a notification when that user uploads a new public build upload but only once and no more (after the user whose tag button you pressed uploads something, the tag button would go back to inactive and pressing/activating it again would restart the whole thing and again send you a notification if that user uploads again)
    How it would work in practice:
    User 1: uploads a teaser forum post for a build
    User 2: presses the tag button on this post (when visiting other posts created by User 1, User 2 would see the tag button be activated as well. It can be activated/inactivated on any of User 1's posts)
    User 1: uploads another teaser (maybe a video post this time)
    User 2: doesn't get a notification because it's not a public build post
    User 1: uploads the teased build as unlisted
    User 2: still doesn't get a notification because the post is not public
    User 1: publishes the build (alternatively, if he/she uploads it as public in the first place instead of the unlisted+publish combo, User 2 would get the notification immediately)
    User 2: finally gets a notification about the post. His tag buttons on User 1's posts go back to inactive
    User 1: uploads another public build post
    User 2: doesn't get another notification because he/she didn't reactivate the tag button on any of User 1's posts

    I know it sounds kind of confusing but I hope it's understandable enough and I think it would work. Basically it's just a one time Follow button that only notifies when the next build is uploaded after it was pressed and then needs to be pressed again.
    I think this could be an effective way to improve the website and to counter mass tagging.

  • He’s gone 3.5 years ago

    I can never understand why people decide to delete their profiles. Like, ok you wanna leave this community but come on, these profiles have dozens or hundreds of awesome builds that will be lost forever (unless some other users have them all saved down but I doubt that every single build that was ever lost would be saved).
    Why can't people just announce they are leaving and then just leave, never come back to the site, but dont delete their profiles. Now new players won't be able to play around with those cool builds.
    It's as if a painter would decide to burn all his paintings before he dies.. all that work lost
    Also RIP Bogdan, he really was a great builder. (Btw could someone tell me why did he leave?)

  • Maus 4.5 years ago

    (only WT players will understand)

  • Arm tracking test 2.1 years ago

    Can't wait for VR Mecha Suits

  • SimplePlanes VR - Coming 2021 to Steam and Oculus Quest 2.6 years ago

    "...We're also working on a big update for the original SimplePlanes..."
    And like that, you got me hyped as hell! Can't wait for it!
    As for the VR part... does anyone have a spare few hundred dollars for me to buy a VR headset?

  • 1.8 Beta now available 5.0 years ago

    Well, this update is awesome, I love it! but there's one "problem" I have. In the earlier version, if you set the chordScale of the propeller engine high enough (with xml editing or with the Overload mod) you could achive that the propeller would still work even if it gets a few feet underwater (depending on how high you set chordScale it can work deeper, tho the look of the propellers start to get very weird)
    Pretty much all my ships and submarines use this. Now none of them work because no matter how high I set chord scale, the propeller doesn't work.
    Can you fix that? (I'm not sending this as a bug repoert because it's not really a bug but it'd be great if you could fix it :D)

    I just tested my UH-1 Huey and the propeller acts very weird: The propeller itself is scaled 0.4. In 1.7 the propeller's diameter ignored this scaling and followed the diameter lenght which I set it in xml editing. Now it follows the 0.4 scaling and I have to set the diameter to much bigger to achive the same in-game lenght. Also (probably due to the 0.4 scaling) The propeller's cone is levitating above the base
    I think this might be the reason why the propellers of my ships and submarines act very weird (their diameter becomes much longer in the game than in the designer)
    To sum it up: For some reason, xml edited propellers look much different in-game than in the designer.
    Edit 2:
    Damn, this is just the beta of 1.8 but I already miss the old Beast 😅. Is there a way to add her to sail somewhere else? Like idk sail somewhere around Maywar or Snowstone? I love the new Beast becaise it looks absolutely fantastic and those new features are awesome but it'd be great if the old Beast would be presented in the game too. 😃


  • Secret in SimplePlanes xml files (storage) 2.4 years ago

    This is probably the color theme that game uses when it creates the orthographic images for the uploads. Very interesting find.

  • Small Feature Wish List for v1.11 Update 2.6 years ago

    Ability to get individual information (like altitude, heading etc.) of other parts, not just the cockpit, to be used in FT. example: Altitude(string partID), so let's say if I want to make an input based on the altitude of the part with the id of 8, I can use Altitude("8") as a parameter.

  • Planecopter 3.5 years ago

    Congrats for platinum!

  • Nazi Germany Battle Flag - Reichskriegsflagge 5.6 years ago

    @FarrowTECH They also built the first highway ever, started the first anti-cigarette campaign ever, built the ballistic rocket to reach the stratosphere (the lead scinentist in this project went to the US after the war helped a lot in getting to the moon), created one of the first jet powered aircrafts, two brothers Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler founded the today world famous sportwear companies Adidas and Puma, the Volkswagen Beetle was the nazis' idea too and as @Awsomur said about style, Hugo Boss designed the SS uniforms too.
    Their ideologies were terribly cruel but they invented a hell lot of great stuff too.. which doesn't mean they should be forgiven for causing the death of 60 million people (before any oversensitive person would misunderstand me and start hating on me and making up that I'm "defending nazism". I'm not) but still we can thank them a few things too.

  • This Scene Was Looks Familiar, Don't Ya? 1.9 years ago

    I don't get it, what's up with the broken glasses and the blood inside the box?

  • All hope... is lost. 2.0 years ago

    @WarHawk95 iirc, they expressed their wish to restore it, tho they said they will do it at Russia's expense, which I doubt the Russians will agree to pay, but let's wait and see how the war turns out first. If the Russians refuse to pay (which I see a high chance to happen) I can still see a chance for a crowd funding option. I'm pretty sure there are many, many airplane enthusiasts around the world who would be willing to pay some amount for this historic aircraft to be restored. Even if just a fraction of the cost is financed this way, that would still help and the rest could be paid by the Antonov company with some governmental support, and maybe with some other international help. But I may be a bit too optimistic. Still, I don't think all hope is lost, as they say "Hope dies last"

  • All hope... is lost. 2.0 years ago

    The wings and the rear end seem to be in a repairable condition (maybe the engines too). Combined with the second, unfinished airframe, I see a chance for it to be rebuilt, so maybe not all hope is lost

  • Somebody explain this... 3.0 years ago

    I know that RocketWeapon has this attribute called "burnTimer" (integer, seconds) which sets for how long the rocket has thrust, after the timer runs out, the rocket will just fall (the smoke and afterburner effect remains). (If you check out my Sturmtiger, it uses this feature to make the mortar effect)
    It seems by your video, that missiles probably also have this attribute, even tho not controllable by xml editing (I tested it, doesn't work).
    But, they have an attribute called "maxFuelTime" (integer, seconds) which is pretty much the same but with one difference: when maxFuelTime runs out, the smoke and afterburner effect also stops.
    That's all I know about this, I hope it helps

  • The Combine Gunship 4.4 years ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Half-Life. I press like and then cause a resonance cascade
    Awesome job m8!

  • Ragdoll Pilot Woman 3 months ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that there are 6 thumbnails on this post?

  • This Scene Was Looks Familiar, Don't Ya? 1.9 years ago

    @Kthepersonorguy I finally found the sauce, thanks to another post made by WolfHunter9111. Both this build and another build made by him are depicting a weird, disturbing hentai manga called "Metamorphosis" (also called "Emergence"). Mystery solved, case closed

  • SPVR - Fuselage Slice 2.5 years ago

    Will the slicing only be visual or will it also apply to the collisions of the fuselage? (eg if I slice a hole on top of a hollow fuselage and drop another part on it, will it fall into it or will it just stop on top of it as if the fuselage was still a whole piece?
    Also speaking of collisions, can you make the customizable fuselages' collisinions match their customized edges? (eg if they have circular edges, they can roll away and not act like they still have hard egdes)

  • AV-98 INGRAM 2.6 years ago

    Glad to see you back!
    The best FT and walker builder on the site!
    Another amazing build!

  • s e a t 3.7 years ago

    Nobody is gonna ask the real question here? What is the most important block in the universe???

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 4.4 years ago

    I wonder if there will ever be a time when this thing gets thrown off of its most upvoted throne

  • SP's Worst Builder, Right In Front Of You, I'm Sorry. 2.7 years ago

    You are being too harsh on yourself. This is a game, nobody expects you to always make spectacular builds, no matter what rank you are at (and if someone does, ignore them, they are dumb). In fact, I recently helped a beginner builder to build a very simple ship, and guess what? I really enjoyed it. I'd recommend you to give it a try. It feels good to sometimes just build something beginner, something simple (the game's name is simpleplanes after all), and get away from all the high quality stuff.
    Don't get sweaty over release dates or build quality, you are not obligated to keep uploading every two weeks, and nobody forces you to do so. I haven't uploaded anything in months either.
    Just take it easy dude :)
    You are a great builder, and your builds are awesome, but you shouldn't push yourself to keep building new stuff if you don't feel like it. Take a break, building something simple, don't burn out. It's a game, it should be about having fun and enjoying it, don't turn it into a full time job. ;)
    Take care!

  • I’m leaving (haha April fools) 2.9 years ago

    I'm about 70% sure this is just an april fools joke but just in case it isn't:
    Why would you delete your account? You have so many great builds uploaded which new players and those who dont know about you yet, will never be able to use. You know, you can just sign out, close the tab on your browser and never come back, it gives the same effect, but at least players can still have fun with your builds. But if you delete your acc, all that work, all those long hours you spent building will be gone to waste.
    It's like as if a painter burns all their paintings before dying. Other people then won't be able to enjoy them.
    If you honestly want to delete your account and it's not just a joke, please think about this for a second.
    Also it's a shame if you really want to leave: I know dramas and toxic players can be really annoying, but it's possible to ignore them and just focus on the better parts of the game and the community: I think it's worth a try because the community (just like all communities) definietly has a good side too, you just have to find it, while ignoring the toxic part.
    If you still want to leave, well, I wish you the best of luck for whatever you do in the future and wish you a good time!

  • Binary Sunset 4.0 years ago

    Teacher: no it's not possible to hear images
    Me when sees this image

  • Tugboat Sisyphus (fictional) 1.3 years ago

    @000007 The name is not even 'susyphus', it's 'sisyphus', jeez, very forced "joke". I named the boat after a Greek mythological figure who was punished by Hades to push a boulder up a hill for all eternity. I figured it'd be fitting for a tugboat whose job is to push ships around in a port all day long.
    You should let this sus meme go, it is waaay overused and boring, not to mention that you really had to force it in this case

  • What’s the biggest island in simpleplanes? 1.6 years ago

    I'd say Maywar os definitely the biggest on PC (mobile doesn't have that island)
    On mobile, either Karkabloa or Snowstone but I'm not sure

  • Why?( 1.9 years ago

    As others said already, mod support is not possible on iOS and Android anymore and there is nothing Jundroo can do about that apart from implementing mods into the game as vanilla features.
    "Why don't you make small updates with the integration of major mods"
    They did:

    • Overload
    • Fine Tuner
    • Glass
    • Cannon
    • Blueprints
      and there are probably more that I'm forgetting about

    These used to be mods, but Jundroo implemented them so that everyone can use them. Between two whining-for-mods posts, you could at least give them some appreciation for that effort.
    Many mods are also often very unstable and can cause crashes even on PC (for example the Tracks2 mod crashed my old laptop multiple times in the past), so imagine what would they do on some of the more potato mobile devices. Then we'd get another wave of whining to Jundroo that "mah phone is crashing, Andrew fix da game!".
    To properly implement these, Jundroo would first have to fix them and make them stable enough to match the SP's level of quality. Needless to say, this'd be a huge task to do and certainly not an easy one.
    And then comes the problem of which mods to implement? To quote you "Funky Trees are cool, but not what I really wanted.", but others did, you may be wishing for Tracks2 or some other mod, but then there are others who don't care about those just like how you don't care about FT.
    So, naturally, Jundroo has to select which are the features that have the widest range of usability: FunkyTrees and Fuselage Cutting is exactly this, perfect features to be used for many many things. Meanwhile, Tracks2 could only be used for a single purpose and that purpose is not really related to aircraft either (and no matter how great of a sandbox SP is and how many possibilities there are in it, the primary scope of the game is still aircraft building), so Tracks2 should be around the last mods to be implemented.

    - Mods are not possible to add on iOS and Android (and Jundroo can't do anything about it)
    - They did implement some mods into the game
    - They can't implement every single mod because it'd be very hard and not worth the effort
    - They need to be selective about the stuff they add: They are focusing on features that are widely usable and are related to aircraft in some way (afterall, the game is called simplePLANES)

    I hope that clears it up

  • Snek Game 2.2 years ago

    Thus, we are one step closer to SP in SP. We'll get there one day

  • M1A2 Abrams 3.6 years ago

    @MintLynx Most of the tank isn't made by him tho, check out the predecessors. He just improved on it which is great but the base was made by someone else. still nice work with the additional details

  • Maus 4.5 years ago

    @WarHawk95 I'm even more upset cuz I was 2 tanks away from it. I only needed the Tiger II H and the (now also removed) Tiger II 10.5 cm, and then I could start researching it... on the other hand I was also 2 tanks away from the Panther II which was also removed... I was so close...

  • Nazi Germany Battle Flag - Reichskriegsflagge 5.6 years ago

    @Jetliner101 The swastika used to be a symbol of divinity and spirituality in the Eurasian cultures (mainly in Hinduism and ancient China)
    Tho not all of them are like the nazi swastika. The Hindu one for example often features 4 additional dots as well

  • Bojler Eladó! 7 months ago


  • Holographic projection probe 1.6 years ago

    @Zaineman The website also counts every download, even if it comes from the same user, so it might be that some people downloaded multiple times too (for example if they forgot to save it, or changed something and wanted to get the original again etc)

  • Simpleplanes Users tech tree 1.6 years ago

    Not sure if I should be proud that my build is included in this as the "Much better tiger", or get offended for being called a "military otaku" because of it (I know it's just a joke)
    I don't know where I am rn tho because I shifted to ship building... and I guess the tech tree is accurate then, because everyone always forgets about ship builders

  • RMS Titanic 1.7 years ago

    @DEADSHOT14 Yes, but I sent you a link to an unlisted post with the bridge equipment (click on the blue 'Here' on my first reply), that's just 112 parts and it only has the EOT, the Wheel and the Compass

  • Can I make the headlight with out mod? 1.7 years ago

    Wow, very clever! nicely done!
    tag me when you release it

  • RMS Olympic (1911) 1.9 years ago

    @TakicraftCorporation Igyekeztem belemenni amennyire csak lehet (meg amennyire a gépem bírta), hogy ez legyen az abszolút mesterművem (nos, amíg valami mással felül nem múlom)

  • RMS Olympic (1911) 1.9 years ago

    @Mach99999 Apple must have developed miniature portable nuclear reactors, also the lot of wheel spinning is the result of it being realistically set: in real life, the wheel would have needed to be turned 4 times to one direction for the rudder to go hard over

  • RMS Olympic (1911) 1.9 years ago


  • Share Your Old or Under-Appreciated Builds Here 1.9 years ago

    Hmm, maybe my first battleship replica, the SMS Saint Stephen. It's very outdated by my- and by the game's overall current standards (for example it still uses boom25s for cannons because there was no cannon part back then) and I'll probably rebuild it at some point, but I still think it turned out quite well considering my skill level at the time and I expected it to get a little bit more attention

  • Secret in SimplePlanes xml files (storage) 2.4 years ago

    @Ryn176 yeah, that would be an interesting experiment for sure. Let me know about the results (tho I might try it myself too)

  • Simple Battleship formation 3.8 years ago

    Fired a few salvoes at them with one of my attleships. The lead ship capsized but didn't sink, one of the side ships sank (and broke in half while doing so) and the other got heavily damaged but didn't sink, it was put off of its course and washed ashore. The whole thing looked very cinematic.
    Well done! Great build!

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha(Chihatan high school) 3.8 years ago

    @MarinoYeet Yuki no shingun is the song that plays during when Chi-Ha-Tan charges at the beginnig of GuP der Film

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha(Chihatan high school) 3.8 years ago

    yuki no shingun intensifies
    Great work btw!

  • 40 part Drifting Tiger P 4.1 years ago

    Common sense: "No you can't drift a 60 ton tank, that is physically impossible and stupid"
    Ooarai Girls' Academy Automotor Club: "Allow us to introduce ourselves"

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 4.4 years ago

    @XxMegamonsterxX probably yes

  • Special police car 4.9 years ago

    Isn't this the police car from Zootopia?

  • AI Invasion Fleet 5.3 years ago

    @Jim1the1Squid @CCCP ze Oberkommando der Wehrmacht issued an order to repel ze enemy invasion. Fire at ze Allied forces with everything you have Kameraden!

  • Spitfire_MkIa_nomod 6.0 years ago

    Step 1
    Download this plane

    Step 2
    Download some AI Messerschmitt BF-109

    Step 3
    Open this video and listen:

    Step 4
    Start the game, spawn the bf-109 and let the experience begin!