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  • Regarding Mass Tagging 8 months ago

    My idea: the Tag Button
    Basically, there'd be a button next to the follow button on every forum/video post, which you can press/activate. Doing so will send you a notification when that user uploads a new public build upload but only once and no more (after the user whose tag button you pressed uploads something, the tag button would go back to inactive and pressing/activating it again would restart the whole thing and again send you a notification if that user uploads again)
    How it would work in practice:
    User 1: uploads a teaser forum post for a build
    User 2: presses the tag button on this post (when visiting other posts created by User 1, User 2 would see the tag button be activated as well. It can be activated/inactivated on any of User 1's posts)
    User 1: uploads another teaser (maybe a video post this time)
    User 2: doesn't get a notification because it's not a public build post
    User 1: uploads the teased build as unlisted
    User 2: still doesn't get a notification because the post is not public
    User 1: publishes the build (alternatively, if he/she uploads it as public in the first place instead of the unlisted+publish combo, User 2 would get the notification immediately)
    User 2: finally gets a notification about the post. His tag buttons on User 1's posts go back to inactive
    User 1: uploads another public build post
    User 2: doesn't get another notification because he/she didn't reactivate the tag button on any of User 1's posts

    I know it sounds kind of confusing but I hope it's understandable enough and I think it would work. Basically it's just a one time Follow button that only notifies when the next build is uploaded after it was pressed and then needs to be pressed again.
    I think this could be an effective way to improve the website and to counter mass tagging.

  • He’s gone 9 months ago

    I can never understand why people decide to delete their profiles. Like, ok you wanna leave this community but come on, these profiles have dozens or hundreds of awesome builds that will be lost forever (unless some other users have them all saved down but I doubt that every single build that was ever lost would be saved).
    Why can't people just announce they are leaving and then just leave, never come back to the site, but dont delete their profiles. Now new players won't be able to play around with those cool builds.
    It's as if a painter would decide to burn all his paintings before he dies.. all that work lost
    Also RIP Bogdan, he really was a great builder. (Btw could someone tell me why did he leave?)

  • Maus 1.7 years ago

    (only WT players will understand)

  • 1.8 Beta now available 2.2 years ago

    Well, this update is awesome, I love it! but there's one "problem" I have. In the earlier version, if you set the chordScale of the propeller engine high enough (with xml editing or with the Overload mod) you could achive that the propeller would still work even if it gets a few feet underwater (depending on how high you set chordScale it can work deeper, tho the look of the propellers start to get very weird)
    Pretty much all my ships and submarines use this. Now none of them work because no matter how high I set chord scale, the propeller doesn't work.
    Can you fix that? (I'm not sending this as a bug repoert because it's not really a bug but it'd be great if you could fix it :D)

    I just tested my UH-1 Huey and the propeller acts very weird: The propeller itself is scaled 0.4. In 1.7 the propeller's diameter ignored this scaling and followed the diameter lenght which I set it in xml editing. Now it follows the 0.4 scaling and I have to set the diameter to much bigger to achive the same in-game lenght. Also (probably due to the 0.4 scaling) The propeller's cone is levitating above the base
    I think this might be the reason why the propellers of my ships and submarines act very weird (their diameter becomes much longer in the game than in the designer)
    To sum it up: For some reason, xml edited propellers look much different in-game than in the designer.
    Edit 2:
    Damn, this is just the beta of 1.8 but I already miss the old Beast 😅. Is there a way to add her to sail somewhere else? Like idk sail somewhere around Maywar or Snowstone? I love the new Beast becaise it looks absolutely fantastic and those new features are awesome but it'd be great if the old Beast would be presented in the game too. 😃


  • Somebody explain this... 2 months ago

    I know that RocketWeapon has this attribute called "burnTimer" (integer, seconds) which sets for how long the rocket has thrust, after the timer runs out, the rocket will just fall (the smoke and afterburner effect remains). (If you check out my Sturmtiger, it uses this feature to make the mortar effect)
    It seems by your video, that missiles probably also have this attribute, even tho not controllable by xml editing (I tested it, doesn't work).
    But, they have an attribute called "maxFuelTime" (integer, seconds) which is pretty much the same but with one difference: when maxFuelTime runs out, the smoke and afterburner effect also stops.
    That's all I know about this, I hope it helps

  • Planecopter 9 months ago

    Congrats for platinum!

  • The Combine Gunship 1.7 years ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Half-Life. I press like and then cause a resonance cascade
    Awesome job m8!

  • s e a t 10 months ago

    Nobody is gonna ask the real question here? What is the most important block in the universe???

  • rockyy's (areyougood's) Spawnable Island 10 months ago

    This is awesome man! Here, take my upvote and spotlight :D
    btw can you make docks or a port on your next island? :D

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 1.7 years ago

    I wonder if there will ever be a time when this thing gets thrown off of its most upvoted throne

  • Nazi Germany Battle Flag - Reichskriegsflagge 2.8 years ago

    @FarrowTECH They also built the first highway ever, started the first anti-cigarette campaign ever, built the ballistic rocket to reach the stratosphere (the lead scinentist in this project went to the US after the war helped a lot in getting to the moon), created one of the first jet powered aircrafts, two brothers Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler founded the today world famous sportwear companies Adidas and Puma, the Volkswagen Beetle was the nazis' idea too and as @Awsomur said about style, Hugo Boss designed the SS uniforms too.
    Their ideologies were terribly cruel but they invented a hell lot of great stuff too.. which doesn't mean they should be forgiven for causing the death of 60 million people (before any oversensitive person would misunderstand me and start hating on me and making up that I'm "defending nazism". I'm not) but still we can thank them a few things too.

  • I’m leaving (haha April fools) one month ago

    I'm about 70% sure this is just an april fools joke but just in case it isn't:
    Why would you delete your account? You have so many great builds uploaded which new players and those who dont know about you yet, will never be able to use. You know, you can just sign out, close the tab on your browser and never come back, it gives the same effect, but at least players can still have fun with your builds. But if you delete your acc, all that work, all those long hours you spent building will be gone to waste.
    It's like as if a painter burns all their paintings before dying. Other people then won't be able to enjoy them.
    If you honestly want to delete your account and it's not just a joke, please think about this for a second.
    Also it's a shame if you really want to leave: I know dramas and toxic players can be really annoying, but it's possible to ignore them and just focus on the better parts of the game and the community: I think it's worth a try because the community (just like all communities) definietly has a good side too, you just have to find it, while ignoring the toxic part.
    If you still want to leave, well, I wish you the best of luck for whatever you do in the future and wish you a good time!

  • M1A2 Abrams 10 months ago

    @MintLynx Most of the tank isn't made by him tho, check out the predecessors. He just improved on it which is great but the base was made by someone else. still nice work with the additional details

  • Binary Sunset 1.2 years ago

    Teacher: no it's not possible to hear images
    Me when sees this image

  • Maus 1.7 years ago

    @WarHawk95 I'm even more upset cuz I was 2 tanks away from it. I only needed the Tiger II H and the (now also removed) Tiger II 10.5 cm, and then I could start researching it... on the other hand I was also 2 tanks away from the Panther II which was also removed... I was so close...

  • Nazi Germany Battle Flag - Reichskriegsflagge 2.9 years ago

    @Jetliner101 The swastika used to be a symbol of divinity and spirituality in the Eurasian cultures (mainly in Hinduism and ancient China)
    Tho not all of them are like the nazi swastika. The Hindu one for example often features 4 additional dots as well

  • Kill me in the comments for what I have done. 9 months ago

    Oh well, here we go again..
    opens basement door, walks down the stairs
    comes back with a heavy bolter
    points it at your head
    Alright, you know the drill. In the name of the Adeptus Astartes and His Holiness the God Emperor, I hereby deny your request to continue living blah blah blah, any last words ya filthy heretic?

  • Bell UH-1D Huey 9 months ago

    @Yourcrush Congrats on getting featured! :D

  • Simple Battleship formation 11 months ago

    Fired a few salvoes at them with one of my attleships. The lead ship capsized but didn't sink, one of the side ships sank (and broke in half while doing so) and the other got heavily damaged but didn't sink, it was put off of its course and washed ashore. The whole thing looked very cinematic.
    Well done! Great build!

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha(Chihatan high school) one year ago

    @MarinoYeet Yuki no shingun is the song that plays during when Chi-Ha-Tan charges at the beginnig of GuP der Film

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha(Chihatan high school) one year ago

    yuki no shingun intensifies
    Great work btw!

  • Leopard 2A4M 1.1 years ago

    Why did you use the DDR flag on the second screenshot? They never had Leopard tanks. Nice build btw

  • 40 part Drifting Tiger P 1.4 years ago

    Common sense: "No you can't drift a 60 ton tank, that is physically impossible and stupid"
    Ooarai Girls' Academy Automotor Club: "Allow us to introduce ourselves"

  • Fuselage art 2 1.5 years ago

    Woah, this is amazing. I didn't expect one of my favourite builders to be a girl, but you know what? This is awesome. I thought there are barely any girls using SP so it's great to know one of the best builders on the site is one. Also great job on the fuselage art. I've read your comments below and don't worry about the face reveal, you look great! 🙂

  • Fuselage art 1.6 years ago

    dude, you are an absolute mad man, but in a good way! Great job!
    Can you make Maui too?

  • Other than SP, what else sandbox games do I play as a Texan? 29 days ago

    Oh my god! That's really impressive! Well done! 😀

  • RMS Titanic 4 months ago

    Fantastic! I love how you made the sinking, awesome build!

  • airplanes not allowed 8 months ago

    Yes, time for custom AI ships with actual turrets!

  • Closer. 9 months ago

    slides money into your pocket
    "lead me to that market. Got any more of 'em.. planes, if you know what I mean?"

  • I don't understand 9 months ago

    I think your builds are the absolute best use of funky trees, I don't even know how can you make these very complicated inputs but you are absolutely amazing in it. Don't care about haters who say your stuff is bad just because it's anime. I personally actually like the anime characters you made, not because I like anime anyways but because of how well you build them, they actually look like they just stepled out of an anime and they look great, well built. But again, those who say your builds are bad just because of the exterior design are clearly haters and you shouldn't consider them as valid criticism, because those comments come from their personal hatred against anime and not against your build. Keep up with your work, many of us love what you do and always waiting to see what you create next, so ignore the haters. You are a great builder! Don't care about what haters say, build whatever you want :D

    As for your question about the word weeb: it was initially created (it came from the word "weaboo" which means the same but "weeb" is shorter) to refer to people who are obsessed with japanese culture in a really disrespectful way. Note that weeb =/= anime fan. Many people like to confuse the two and refer to anime fans as weebs but that is wrong. There's nothing bad with liking manga and anime, there's also nothing wrong with liking japanese culture. The problem is when a person is so overly obsessed with japanese culture (without having any actualy knowledge about it) that they become annoying, weird and also become disrespectful towards it because they have no real knowledge about it. By definition, a japanese person can't even be a weeb because japanese usually have a general sense about their own culture and don't became ignorant idiots like the actual weebs in other countries.
    So by basic, weeb is a negative word, and there's nothing bad with that as long as it is used correctly, on the people it should be used on: people who aren't just obsessed with japanese culture but are so crazy about it that they get annoyimg and disrespectul against japanese culture.

    Also your question about the meaning of anime outside of japan. Well, from what I can tell, anime for people outside of japan usually either means those specific, japanese made, unique style (big "anime eyes", big heads etc.) animated motion pictures, but it also sometimes used to refer to the style itself (say if there's a video game that also has this specific design, we call it an "anime game"). Manga is usually differentiated from anime but there are people who often call mangas as "animes" because they don't know/care it has different name.
    But in general, we refer to stuff as anime that are: made in japan, has this specific drawing style/design, has those usual clichés and character types/story elements (big robots, cat girls, story takes place in Japan etc.)

  • USS Arizona Teaser - A walk in the past 9 months ago

    @Tang0five they marked battleship divisions and individual battleships so that friendly planes can more easily identify them from the sky. The forward two turrets marked the battleship division (div. 1 was red, div. 2 was white div. 3 was blue, div. 4 was black, div. 5 was yellow) while turret number 4 marked the ship itself.
    For Example, Arizona, Nevada and Oklahoma were part of Battleship Div. 1 and as such, their number 1 and 2 turrets were painted red (with each one of them having different colored number 4 turrets according to their sections: Arizona's No.4 turret was red as she was the division's lead ship, Nevada's No.4 turret was white, Oklahoma's No.4 turret was blue)
    Similarly, ships of Battleship Div. 2-3-4-5 all had different colors on their No.1 and No.2 turrets (for example, USS Tennessee was the lead ship of Div. 2, so her forward turrets were white while her number 4 turret was red)

  • M4A2 Jagdman 10 months ago

    Well made!

  • YAMATO 1945 11 months ago

    Is there anyone here who managed to load this thing into the world and sail with it? Fantastic build btw but oh my god, 20k parts

  • Stork Island 11 months ago

    I found a little bug. Whenever I create a custom location and restart the game there, the destroyers in the docks (the modern destroyer plus one of the ww2 destroyers, the one closer to the sea) go nuts: they multiply into themselves and then glitch into random directions because of it.

  • Bojler Eladó! one year ago


    Ha még tudtok más magyarokról, tageljétek be őket :D

  • Some ideas for a naval update one year ago


  • SP posting logic.(advices) (complaint warning) one year ago

    Well, this is just my opinion but for me, it's okay if they take parts of my build or even the entire build and modify and upload them, as long as they don't claim it as theirs and credit me in the description. It doesn't have any practical use, but the meaning behind it is important to me. That they acknowledge the fact that I built that part (or the whole thing) originally. I know the auto-credit system is there for this reason, but when someone writes into the description "Original author is BMilan, I just modified xy part" or "xy part is built by BMilan, I built the rest" it feels good because it shows they aren't trying to steal what I worked on for hours, days, weeks.
    And I think this even applies to "Free to take" posts. If somene takes a "Free to take" post, they should at least give some credit to the original author. It's a sign of respect in my eyes.

  • Russia Challenge one year ago

    That is the flag of Russia not the USSR

  • BF-109 Messerschmitt 1.1 years ago

    The stripes you put on the wing are allied invasion stripes, they were used by the american and british airforces to indicate they are allied planes, the germans never used these.

  • linu - ver - 1.1 1.2 years ago

    This is fantastic!

  • T-54 55 1.2 years ago

    Great work! I also like that you used my dummy tiger for the screenshots :D

  • Jagdpanther 1.4 years ago

    @701wwj666 I can clearly see that a lot of care went into this. Great job dude, I'm already looking forward to your next build! :D

  • Kawasaki Ki-78 Ken III V1.2 1.6 years ago


  • P-51D-30 Mustang 1.7 years ago

    @XxMegamonsterxX probably yes

  • Minecraft 2 1.7 years ago

    Putting memes aside, this actually made me wondering from a game developer pointo of view. If Mojang made a Minecraft 2, what kind of improvements, new ideas could they possibly put into it, that original doesn't/couldn't have, to make it new and fresh? The original game's almost full potential has been exploited throughout the recent years by updates, mods, etc. so Minecraft 2 would have to take a huge turn to bring something new, imo.

  • Maus 1.7 years ago

    @Strikefighter04 yep. not to mention that gaijin is getting lasier. See the "new" chinese tech tree. Ridiculous.

  • Maus 1.7 years ago

    @Strikefighter04 exactly, and others dont even get a chance to at least buy it for golden eagle or something, only mayve get it during events. Damn gaijin

  • Half-Life 2 Combine APC 1.7 years ago

    Awesome! I wish I could give more than one upvote to this beauty! Great job!

  • Im kinda running out of ideas :( 1.8 years ago

    Be creative, think of a vehicle you always wanted to drive, or a vehicle you really really like. I can't really understand people who "run out of ideas" in simpleplanes, while I'm standing here with 10+ unfinished projects and ideas I haven't started building yet. Is it really that easy to not to know what you want to build in a game where you can build literally anything? But if you really can't decide, here's an idea:
    Turn on the TV and build the first vehicle you see in it
    Good luck! ;)

  • New Team Member 1.8 years ago

    Awesome! Congrats to WNP78!
    Also you should pick more modders into the team because some of them are making god level mods that should be in the vanilla game