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Random facts about me:

-I’m in high school
-I am of the male gender
-I’m interested in aviation and naval ships
-I’ve been playing this game since before parachutes (update 1.3) but never made an account
-I’m building on iOS so don’t expect anything huge or detailed and I try to keep my builds simple and small

Here is some more random and unimportant information:

—Favorite games (I play on Xbox):
- CoD:BO2
- CoD:MW
- Hunt: Showdown (really fun game)
- SoT (Sea of Thieves)
- Minecraft
- Battlefield 1
- Battlefield 5

—Favorite songs:
- lots of 80s-2000s

—Favorite planes:
- Fw-109
- He-111
- Fi 156 Storch
- F6f Hellcat
- b-24
- Miles M.39 Libellula
- Bachem Ba-349 Natter
- Hafner Rotabuggy
- Lippisch P.13a
- Sd.Kfz.2 (not a plane)
And anything with STOL capabilities

Things I hope to accomplish:

  • get a spotlight from Tmach
  • reach platinum
  • get on the front page of simpleplanes - Acheived

thank you for supporting me and my creations