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🇺🇦hi inactive rn

stuff that might occur~

my new armoured vehicle - highly likely- done
some god awful meme build - overdue- done
silver chariot - unlikely
a new 100% original build- unlikely
no idea - very unlikely

Number 000129 (and 000003 I just noticed) member of simple landia {citizen list} ran by @Strikefighter04

Ppl who have helped me that I can remember to put here

Awsomur (thx so much)


SILVER Idk a year & 1/2 ago i think
GOLD at 9/6/2019 (10:50 ish)
10K at 23/6/19
blocked by user with most points at idk: edit: unblocked now.

First build with 10 upvotes: Matilda II 17th may 2019
first build with 25 upvotes: sadly my 'Vanilla challenge'
first build with 50 upvotes: Tie crawler Wed 19 Jun 2019

First upvote from a moderator: Matilda II 17th may 2019 from @EternalDarkness
Since then 3 moderator upvotes, EternalDarkness, Mod, Seeras
Proud owner of 1 dev upvote from @PhilipTarpley 6/7/19

Most upvotes on my build: 63- Tie crawler
most downloads: 5,400 - Tie crawler

Oh and my favourite bit Ive been featured three times Tie crawler, Mantis cyborg and AT-AT swimmer