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I am a small youtuber on youtube who makes low part count aircraft of any kind!
But i mostly make military aircraft from both axis and allied! Most of my builds are
Fictional so apologies if you thought i would make real aircraft.
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My biggest idols that i hope to be as good as would be rambojutter and sadboye12,idk but theyre just so good at building and i kinda just hope to be as good as them,heck ill settle for lower but really,i take most of my aircraft inspiration from rambojutter,seriously look at is builds,its fictional beauties,and sadboye12 makes some futuristic vehicles,i like that,i try to make my own but they're not as good anyways this is just a kind of dedicated part of my description to the idols i never gave credit to that allowed me to even have the idea of most of my planes.