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Hi guys, welcome to my bio
first of all, i'm going to talk about stuff about me

about me

my name is Austin Hao Yu Huang. I'm now 16 and living in Beijing, China.
as you guys can see, i'm still a student, so i dont have much time to play this game, so i just randomly get online and upload some designs, and i really hope you guys enjoy them.

after introducing myself, here are some of my friends on this site



my personal comment about XAircraftManufacturer

We are not friends in real life and we haven't met each other before. it all start when we both just start to upload our planes, i accidently saw one of his early builds and i upgraded it. As i move further on, i found this guy pretty friendly and willing to help me with my works too, so we kept on upgrading others‘ plane and we become friends.



my personal comment about Reshadem1r

we are real life friends and might be the best friend of each other.

current WIP:

1.H-liner 2-300(30%)


3.H-liner 4-100(0.0000000001%)(FILE CREATED)

planing projects

1.H-liner 5 series

2.HJ series passenger jet

3.HRJ series working with @Reshadem1r