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I warn you: I can be annoying and downright aggressive. If I tell you something that you think is not true, then you should NOT: 1) convince me that I am wrong, 2) accept my point of view. We are different and think differently. I am also stubborn. You will not be able to change my mind. I'm not going to change yours.

My standard description format :

  • Title (where without the title)
  • Type (to understand what the build is)
  • Short description (explains a little bit more about what it is)
  • History [if fictional]
  • Controls (logical I think)
  • Armament [if any](very important for a military plane)
  • Flight perfomance (to have an impression)

    • Maximum speed .

    • Stall speed .

    • Max altitude .

  • Notes (what to pay attention to, e.g. peculiarities of the flight or triggering of some mechanisms)
  • Features (what has been worked on and what can be looked at)
  • Credits (thank those who helped or tried to help)
  • Bonus moment [sometimes] (just an interesting screenshot at the end)

Identification marks.

On keel:

Note 1: the keel must be completely painted with this pattern.
Note 2: exceptions are allowed, for example, if the aircraft does not have a keel.

On the wings:

Note 3: The sign is only available on large aircraft.

Note 4: there may be an unusual way of applying identification marks. For example, painting the entire hull (on small aircraft)


registration at ~ 8.7.2020(not exactly known)
400 points at 9.8.2020
700 points at 23.8.2020
Silver (1000 points) at 28.8.2020
1700 points at 06.9.2020
2000 points at 12.9.2020
2250 points at 14.9.2020
2500 points at 17.9.2020
3000 points at 24.9.2020
member of Feta Corp . (at 9.10.2020).
3700 points at 9.10.2020
4100 points at 16.10.2020
4700 points at 23.10.2020
gold(5000 points) at 24.10.2020
6000 points at 12.11.2020
7900 points at 09.12.2020
10 000 points at 04.02.2021


Many thanks to player SAMECNIKITA41 for the tremendous support, the last upvote to silver and just for being a sociable player.

Also thanks to, NavalGunnery, Sm1ley_FaCe, commanderYEET, Mishutkabr and jdlarkspur.

Thanks to StarlightRE user for the last vote before gold.

my YouTube channel{rus} .

My best plane (21 upvote on 12 hours)

absolutely useless quotes

(Don't ask me where they came from. I don't know where they come from.)

A good pilot must fly everything that can fly. And he can hardly fly anything that can't fly conceptually.(forget , who)

are you breathing? If so, then all is not lost.

Get up! You'll sing to me later!

it happens too easily . That's what I hate my job.

The one who is higher is the one who is right.(me , my dogfighting principle )

They say to me, "The higher you go, the harder it hurts to fall". So... I'm a masochist.

don't click (u warned)