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eh i prefer 3d modelling with blender now lol

Current project:

Intercity 225 (Class 91 HST)

Future/Planned projects (Most Important to least):

GE U18C (CC 201, it's wide hood derivative, and also GE C18MMi a.k.a CC 204 Batch 1)
EMD G26 (CC 202)
GE U20C (CC 203)
GE C20EMP (CC 204, Wide cab)
EMD GT38ACe (CC 205)
GE CM20EMP (CC 206)
Intercity 125 (Class 43 HST and mk3 consist)
CR400AF Fuxing
INKA Train Carriages
DSF (Stealth fighter thing)
DB Class 101
BR Class 37 Deltic (old British Railways livery)

About me:
My interest in Aviation sparked again after the announcement of MSFS 2020
I built all sort of stuff, list of things I have built (including unlisted ones):
  • Planes
  • Tanks
  • APCs
  • IFVs
  • Trains

I am also planning to build mechs, but I can't quite decide.

I only have a Laptop from 2009 so my builds will be mobile friendly

I (mostly) type with improper grammar on purpose.

Contact me:

Twitter - @Re57k
Reddit - u/Ryn176
Discord - Reverend#2037

MY Fictional company:

Feel free to do anything to my builds. Upvote them if you liked it :)

Check my screenshots using the link down below

am good with only blocky stuff, no smooth curve >:(
Also, I turned 4 on around January, maybe the 11th?

Previously known as Ryn176