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Welcome to arsenia a country located in the world of nikovas. Arsenia is a very powerful country. arsenia have a few allies such as ordosa, rolmoza, hoita, and gernata. Arsenia was formed in 1921 after ww1. Arsenia was surrounded by other powerful Nation. But arsenia contain a high amount of natural resources allowing it to become very powerful among its neighbor. Arsenia is about the size of Ukraine but with a GDP of 7 trillion volmar witch equal to 7 trillion USD. the population of arsenia is 370 million people.
The arsenia military has 3 million personnel. The Capitol city is voxak and it's also the biggest city.

Arsenia military classification

A : fighter
AB : bomber
AMBT : tank
ANS : ship
AH : helicopter

Arsenia current vehicles arsenal
3400 A 902A vulture
2200 Aurora 2
5400 A 718
1500 AH 110 mohmar
3000 AH 47

ground vehicle:
5000 1A7
4000 AMBT 1M
370 zahlen class landing ship
56 seadragon class DD
136 vengeance class CL
7 freedom class CV
1 victory class BB
4 harunasakai CV
4 Guzhankko BB

Current situation : peace