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Music I Like:
Soviet March (theme from Red Alert 3)
Ultramarines Chant (from Chaos Gate OST)
Word Bearers March (also from Chaos Gate OST)

Number of Friends:
If I had any friends that I see more than once or twice a week, do you think I would play this game so

I have 2 pet rats, and I get bullied for it all the time.
I had to bury my 3rd rat, because she had a very large tumor and didn't eat enough.

My Views:
I am strongly liberal, and it annoys the living sh*t out of me when people call me a Communist. Most of the people who call others Communists would benefit from socialized medicine and other policies the people they vote into office try to prevent being signed into law.

How the AE Names Things:
- AE+(initials of what the build is)+(# of build)

Project Ideas:
- Hover Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
- Hover Policing Vehicle
- Cityfighting Mechanical Walker
- Infantry/Cargo/Light Vehicle Drop Pods

Current projects:
- Armored Personnel Carrier
- Mech based off of the T'au XV-8 Battlesuit

Abandoned Projects:
- a mech that fell over a LOT
- a helicopter