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[NOTE: This acc is no longer being used and thanks to everyone who supported me :)]

hi :)

Hi I’m ArandomAustralian676

*I’m an Australian person who likes, cars, aviation, and lots of other stuff I like ether modding other builds or building my own kinda detailed builds :) *

I also have discord so if yo want to talk to me you can here’s my discord: the sussy Australian#4466

Status: …..

Age: 1318118718282818181?

Name: an Aussie

Hobby: cars

Gender: Male (Hopefully you didn’t think I was a girl lol)

Owner of: Australian builds™?


Transparent: no
Bronze: I forgot lol
Silver: 19 jan 2023
Gold! 28 Feb 2023
left sp.. March 23 2023 :(

Friends :)




bro I don’t have friends :( jk adding more soon


Offroad buggy

simple bomber

Amoung us in Ohio 💀💀

V8 little bugger

Fighter jet

V8 Jackhammer

Ukraine country ball

Nonda civic drag

P51 in Ohio

Jackhammer in Ohio lol

Italy flag

heaviest thing in sp history

Japan flag

stuff I want to build

tao tao 125cc quad bike Being built above
Honda K24
Some sort of car
Boeing 777-8
Piston engine
Pulling tractor

Ok and that’s it for me have a great day 👍👍

Previously known as Australianbulider676