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Hi there, I am Matt "Aquilius" Epic, representative of the fictional company Epic Engineering. Thank you for checking out this page.

In the creations we make for this awesome community to enjoy, we strive to fulfill 3 core criteria:

1: SIMPLICITY: Most, if not all of our builds are rather simple in design, making them affordable to the people and MOBILE FRIENDLY

2: CREATIVITY: With most builds, we allow ourselves to be inspired by existing creations, however, we do not strive to create top notch replicas. We try to bring a unique solution to any problem

3: INCLUSIVITY: We encourage any player to take our creations and tinker them to their heart's desire. A community of many can create much more than a single entity, so aftermarket upgrades or mods to our existing builds are always appreciated.

We all hope you have a great day and pleasant voyage, wherever the road, sea or sky may take you.


Previously known as MattEpic