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Active Status: Mostly active on weekends or breaks
Reason for active status: School

I am a MOBILE user. So if my builds say not mobile friendly. They ARE. Also. Don't forget to follow me for updates and upvote my posts. I'm new and I need all the support I can get to grow my account bigger! Thank You!

I have an Imaginary Company I dream of Eventually Starting Called AQUA©®™ And I already have a logo planned out. I got inspired by the Ford™ logo with the style and put the first word that came to my mind: AQUA!

Imake liveries and versions of other players builds.
I try to post daily if possible.

Account Milestones:
Posting my first plane.

Becoming friends with MAPA.

Having the DEV (developer) upvote 2 of my builds!

Reaching Silver! Thanks so much!

Having all of you support me along the way!

Previously known as joyjoygood