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Thx for platinum!

Hi! I just joined simple planes and started posting planes. I am from Brazil and my name is actually Apollo, i hope you enjoy my planes!!

Well.. The list is complete. By now i will always post frequently, i will start posting trucks and maybe some cars. But i am still accepting plane requests!

Have a nice day!

My favourite planes:
Boeing 707



My plane Company, the Aquino Global

The Aquino Global was founded in 1934, doing tests and few military planes. It was founded in Brazil, but they airplanes were sell to the entire world.

When the Soviet Union emerged, it was the main buyer of its various planes, which were agile and cheap to purchase, resulting in some failures. His biggest success was the AQG-004, an aircraft with many advantages, one of them being that it can reach Mach 1 in less than 15 seconds, with maximum power. The downside is that your speed is limited to this. Aquino Global was very successful, however, when its owner Santos Aquino passed away, the company was named after his son, Apollo Aquino. The company continues to produce several aircraft that are sold worldwide.