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Temporarily inactive.

About me
Japanese. Living in Tokyo. Full time worker. Husband and father. Age is about the same as SAAB Gripen.

About the Build
Mainly builds WW2 aircraft. I also build other things that I want to build.
I try to keep the number of parts within 600, but often exceed that number. I try to reproduce the shape of the actual aircraft as much as possible.

About SP Play
I play on Android. I can't use mods.

About Requests
Not accepted. I do not reply.
However, if the requested item is something I want to make, I may respond to it.
I make what I want to make.

Up to now
2021: Start playing SP
2022/4/17:First submission of my first work "F4F Wildcat".
Soon after, I achieve Silver rank.
2022/6/27:Achieve Gold rank.
2022/9/7:Achieved 10k.
2023/10/23:Achieved Platinum rank.
Thank you to everyone who has upvoted and spotlighted my work so far.