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HELLO Fellow humans!

(Atleast I think most of us are humans)
As my user name says I’m a carrot
My SimpleRockets 2 Account

My SimplePlanes company’s!

Carrot on the seas!

Carrot on the seas is a boat company that specializes in military high tech boats and destroyers

Carrot Corps

Carrot corps is a military and civilian Aircraft company that also makes cars high tech
Final announcement
My old company Carrot Aerospace has been shut down with the release of these two company’s

Me: should I set up a carnival snack cart
Also me: yes just make all the snacks really cheap

8oz cup of water $500,000

Slice of pizza $2,000,000

Hot dog $10,000,000

Small pop corn $400,000

Medium pop corn $900,000,000

Large pop corn nobody on earth can afford that

Medium drink $500,000,000

Large drink $LOL

Inspired by X99STRIKER

Meme that I call knock offs
Kid: we get some Starbucks
Mom: no but we can go to sun bucks
Kid: what about Kentucky fried chicken
Mom: also mo but we can get Texas fried chicken
Kid: fine let’s go to subway
Mom: okay we will go to sub away

Want a idea for something to build I have a idea for you!
build something


First sorry I didn’t keep track of my achievements when I started
White: since I started lol
Bronze: somtime In 2021
Silver: somtime in 2021
Gold: somtime in 2022
10k: April 1st 2022
Platinum: May 14 2022
From now on I will keep track

Cool people!

Croissant He’s a croissant
X99STRIKER The king of the Rick Roll and a very funny guy
Zaineman a freind of mine he’s really really nice
IceCraftGaming just a really great guy very nice and good builder
BeastHunter the guy who is always giving you motivation
LarryTad Nice guy and great builder
8Ball a great underrated builder and very nice guy
Wait for it…


Photos from my Minecraft smp
(With no cheats)

Previously known as catzilla, AviationCat007, CarrotSlicingCat, CarrotSlicingCompanyCat, CarrotDynamics, OnlyRealCarrot, MrCarrot, AndrewGarrisonAlt