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  • [HOS]Head sculpture of Andrew (pixel version) 1.6 years ago

    Thanks for the teeth! It makes flossing a breeze.

  • You're welcome Andrew. 1.3 years ago

    Deep fake technology is so cool, but man that is so creepy!

  • I’M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! (Joke) 1.7 years ago

    No, please don't say that. We do care about your feedback, but we also care about your money. Mostly the money. Be sure to keep your credit card nearby while playing SimplePlanes.

  • We need the devs back 1.5 years ago

    We do care. When we are planning an update we do look at the suggestions to find those that are highly upvoted and that we could accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. We will also look at those suggestions if/when we decide to start working on SimplePlanes 2. As other players have pointed out we are currently focused on SR2 since we have promises laid out in the Early Access plan that we need to finish before we can fully release it on Steam. That, combined with COVID, we've been very short on dev time for SimplePlanes. I'm sorry you feel that way, but we are doing the best we can.

  • So Jundroo accidentally added 1 part custom images to the game... one month ago

    Whoa, nice! But, also I'm not sure how I feel about this...

  • Goodbye. 2.2 years ago

    I'm sorry to see you go, but thank you for all the great contributions you've made to the community!

  • A new user discovered how to make concave hollow fuselages... 1.7 years ago

    I have no idea how this works and at this point, I'm afraid to ask.

  • AndrewGarrison banned!!?!??!???!?? 2.2 years ago

    I’m back! Had to unban myself to finalize the tournament.

  • GAMF-02A Camille 3.8 years ago

    This post is causing some controversy, but I just wanted to make it clear that I agree with @TheLatentImage 100% on this. This build is not breaking any rules here. Really impressive work, @Lumian300.

  • Andrew Garrison died? 4.0 years ago

    That's a different Andrew. Prayers for his family.

  • AndrewGarrison banned!!?!??!???!?? 2.2 years ago

    Just goes to show, don't mess with the mods around here. They are ruthless! :D

  • I’M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! (Joke) 1.7 years ago

    @asteroidbook345 Yes, when you put the numbers down it sounds bad, but the important thing to remember is that the money is going into our pockets. And we like the sound of that.

  • Uh Oh... 3.1 years ago

    lol......I noticed that last night and pushed a fix to the website. Sorry to ruin all the fun!

  • v1.7.1.0 - Minor update info 3.5 years ago

    Regarding the XML attributes:

    The drag attributes are for the Part tag in the XML. The dragScale let's you multiply the drag the part receives. You can set it to any non-negative number. 0 indicates no drag. 1 is normal drag, 1.5 is 50% more drag, etc.

    The calculateDrag attribute can be set to false to exclude a part from the drag calculation altogether. This means that parts that are behind it will receive drag. This is less likely to be used. Typically you'll want to just set dragScale to 0.

    The diffuseInertiaTensors attribute is for the Aircraft tag. We diffuse inertia tensors across the aircraft to improve stability/reduce wobbliness, but this can come at the cost of realism in some cases. The default settings is true.

    The dragScale and calculateDrag settings are not allowed in tournaments, for obvious reasons.

  • This one goes back a bit... 1.2 years ago

    Oh, wow, blast from the past and it's still hard to watch myself! I remember nearly laughing uncontrollably when the cameras started rolling and she went into her intro. Not sure why, it all just felt so strange to me and I've never been comfortable in front of cameras.....or really in front of people, in general!

  • I may have found AndrewGarrison's first account one year ago

    No, it's not. Don't believe anything @avgarrison595 says.

  • Steam Summer Sale 2.4 years ago

    Upvote this comment to vote for an Airplane Tournament next.
    Okay, it's clear that players want an airplane tournament. Here is the tournament.

  • Goodbye (sort of...) ok not really one year ago

    That means a lot to me that SP has been a positive influence in your life. Thanks for playing and best of luck to you, @Chancey21!

  • What we used to have to do in the olden days before fuselage slicing was invented 5 months ago

    What do you mean by semi-hollow fuselages? Do you mean half of the existing hollow fuselage?

  • I'm coming for you, Andrew! one year ago

    Don't forget that I have access to the database, so you could wake up tomorrow and be back at white... ;P

  • I’M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! (Joke) 1.7 years ago

    @edensk It's payday! That's what day it is!

  • The fact that your plane has a nuclear explosion whenever you hit something or tap your prop on the ground in SP is obsolete and infuriating. 1.5 years ago

    One of the main reasons we explode a part is to hide its disappearance. It's a magic trick, but I can certainly see how it would be annoying.

  • I’M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE!!!!!!!!! (Joke) 1.7 years ago

    @xXMrCoolDudeXx That tone is not going to be tolerated around here. However, if you have lots of cash available to spend, I can make sure your comments won't be removed....

  • ANDREW GARRISON 2.4 years ago

    I would be wary of installing anything from Aptoide. They inject spamware/adware/etc into the APK. I certainly wouldn’t want to type any passwords into a device after having something like that on my device.

  • New Moderator 3.3 years ago

    @Mod You have the most confusing name on the site, hands down. Though there once was a player with the username Jundroo. Unfortunately, we had to step in and take it back.

  • Is this happening to yall on iOS? 3.6 years ago

    We are updating our websites to make sure we are compliant with GDPR, which is going into effect on May 25th. We use cookies for things like "Remember Me" functionality, so you don't need to log in everytime you visit the website. Also, we use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic, and it creates a few cookies. Also, the new consent cookie popup creates its own cookie, which is kinda funny. It needs to so that it can remember that you clicked Okay.

  • Andrew Garrison 3.3 years ago

    The resemblance is uncanny!

  • Petition for Andrew to photo/laserscan his face, so i can 3D print it. 4 months ago

    lol....ya, there is a snowball's chance in hell of that happening.

  • Congratulations Andrew Garrison! 1.9 years ago

    It took a while, but I finally got there! Since I'm the first user in the system, everyone above me has gotten more points in less time! :D

  • The INDISPUTABLE evidence that SimplePlanes IS dead 3.0 years ago

    I don’t remember saying that but it’s been a long week and it sounds like something I would say.

  • Textured Fuselage Block 6 months ago

    Nice work on this mod, it looks fantastic!

  • Small website bug 1.6 years ago

    I'm surprised I hadn't noticed that. Thanks, I'll put it on the list.

  • @Jundroo 1.9 years ago

    Thanks for playing! Happy New Year!

  • Help, I'm new to using SimplePlane's website with an account 2.8 years ago

    Go into the designer and click the menu button in the top right and then click Share Aircraft at the top left.

  • Ice Bucket Challenge at the "Jundroo Offices" (ie - my house) 2.6 years ago

    @Tully2001 Tasty is probably not the word I would use, but it was refreshing.

  • Uh Oh... 3.1 years ago

    @LancasterAce Yep, we plan on having a stock shuttle.

  • Problem with this site.. 3.8 years ago

    I just wanted to make it clear that I agree with @TheLatentImage 100% on this. The post in question is not breaking any rules here.

  • New Beta, ? 1.2 years ago

    Yep, we released a new beta. This only has a couple of fixes. One is a fix for errors related to the cleaver and another makes it easier to pan around while taking screenshots on a mobile device without accidentally rotating the view.

  • New Website Feature 3.9 years ago

    @CRJ900Pilot The decision to make them not worth any points was to help prevent players from begging for upvotes (at least once the honeymoon period wears off). I find the feature useful on other sites, because it can show community consensus. This is really helpful for me as a dev, because now I can quickly see what is important to the community when scrolling through comments. I can already see that a lot of players want a new rank.

  • Andrew Garrison!!!!!!!!!! 5.3 years ago

    It's spot on.

  • so about that new 'linear color space' 2 months ago

    I'm sorry about the visual changes due to the switch to linear color space. Unfortunately, we didn't have a choice. We will try to fix what we can, but things will look a little different after this update.

  • Fortress 2.5 years ago

    Wow, phenomenal work! Nice choreography, editing, music, sound effects, everything. It looks so good it's hard to believe it's SimplePlanes!

  • Changes to the challenge 19 days ago

    We need a jetpack for VR!

  • SR2 - Planet Studio Update 9 months ago

    @bjac0 we'll probably spend a bit more time with the SP community in 2021 than we did in 2020.

  • MY FELLOW ANDROID USERS... (and iOS) 2.4 years ago

    I'm not even sure where you would direct your protests. It's not strictly Google's fault. Unity is also in the mix, but not entirely their fault. Also, there's the open-source project Mono that is involved, but it's not their fault either. It's complicated.

  • Every single thing that happened on the site in the last 24 hours has been erased from existence 2.7 years ago

    I'm really sorry about the interruption yesterday. Our service provider was (obviously) having some issues. I was going to wait to hear back from them before responding, but they haven't responded to my support ticket yet. It does appear that we have lost data from yesterday. It is highly doubtful that it will be recoverable, but I will let you know if they are able to recover any of it.

  • Any news on 1.8? 3.9 years ago

    We are really busy with SR2 right now, so 1.8 is on hold for the moment. We are looking at probably summer at the earliest for the SimplePlanes 1.8 update. We're a small team, so it's hard to work on both at the same time. We were doing that for a while and we were just not making enough progress on SR2. Hard to believe we've been working on SR2 since 2016....

  • New Website Feature 3.9 years ago

    @BroAeronautics @EternalDarkness @Aarons123 The auto-crediting is just a re-design of the UI to make it more clear that an airplane is a successor of another player's work. The information has always been there, but it was just displayed poorly. I hope this helps.