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  • Bell X-1 2 months ago

    SimplePlanes is a game of testing planes.
    As SimplePlaners, we all are test pilots to what we do here in SimplePlanes.
    And we commemorate the late Chuck Yeager to all his contribution to Aviation, a test pilot who inspires us to fly,
    In the speed of sound.
    Rest in peace Chuck Yeager. May you fly in the speed of sound to heaven. 😭
    AndrePlays gives Salute.

  • Yeager Airport memorial 2 months ago

    Well, yes SP is a game about testing and trial and error.
    So Chuck Yeager, as a test pilot and the first to break the sound barrier really must have a memorial on the airport that was named after him. The Yeager Airport (not the one irl but in SP).
    So yeah, maybe a Bell-X1 with Chuck Yeager's name or a statue of him.
    Memorial isnt necessarily suppose to be a statue of a person, so you can use symbolism in making a memorial.
    its also important to have his name there.

  • Flag of the Philippines 2 months ago

    stands up
    puts hand on chest
    Philippine National Anthem
    Bayang magiliw,
    Perlas ng silanganan,
    Alab ng puso
    Sa dibdib mo’y buhay.

    Lupang hinirang,
    Duyan ka ng magiting,
    Sa manlulupig
    Di ka pasisiil.

    Sa dagat at bundok,
    Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
    May dilag ang tula
    At awit sa paglayang minamahal.

    Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y
    Tagumpay na nagniningning;
    Ang bituin at araw niya,
    Kailan pa ma’y di magdidilim.

    Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati’t pagsinta,
    Buhay ay langit sa piling mo;
    Aming ligaya na ‘pag may mang-aapi,
    Ang mamatay nang dahil sa ‘yo.

  • The entire SP Community will probably hate me for this, but... 5 months ago

    @KnightOfRen the CoM was too close to the CoL
    When I flew it, it pitched up so bad...
    Though it is indestructible..
    (Rick tag)

    I tried to move the CoM a bit away..
    But the wings are too small, they just stall all the time..

    I mean this one

  • Petition for getting an indicator for Center Of Drag(CoD) 2 months ago

    Yes... this is needed, it could also be the cause of nosing up or turning left or something
    need want need that now cant stop just give it to me want want need need

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 2 months ago

    Why is this still active after 4 years of existance.

  • Bell X-1 2 months ago

    @AWESOMENESS360 dude, great quote... like really really...

  • I made this plane for you before my surgery c: 2 months ago

    @2008abdupro hey! Good luck with your operation!
    Hope your ears be well soon!

  • Mobile Sale 4 months ago

    Hey! Aero Affect is free!
    but should I get it?

  • Boeing B-52H Stratofortress/BUFF (Thanks for 20K!) 4 months ago

    He only started playing SP 4 months ago and actually, he is doing so well at improving...
    I mean I played SP for a year now and I'm still not good at building at all...
    In a matter of 4 months to get to this quality is fast... he's actually doing well at improving.
    And also, when you give feedback/comment about something, you don't just say "Ur a gold and your planes look horrible STOP IT." , you suppose to say what you think is the issue or what to improve about it and tell him how to improve or fix the issue...
    Take this one for example
    Although I kinda used "!" a bit but...
    That is an example of what I was talking about above.. on how commenting on something works.

    And by far... @KnightOfRen is doing great.

  • Does anyone have a Fuselage Art 2 save? 4 months ago

    @PlanePlaneThe66373637 oh, ok..
    Although the people on the comments of her post, they could have it...

  • The Forgotten Ones 4 months ago

    @Alta2809 but the passenger, that would be use more now because glass exists....

  • (Bug of the weekend) USS Beast Goes Weeeee 4 months ago

    @Gluck oh... ok... thanks..

  • ka-18c 4 months ago

    Wow, this looks good!!
    proceeds to download
    requires 1.10

  • Wait What just happened 5 months ago

    @Imlazytobuild @CobraHueyIndustries

    I came back here to look back to my 4 months of inactivity...

    November 2019
    This was probably the first time I saw randomusername's posts (I don't have an account yet that time)
    I always see her posts as "FEATURED" all the time...

    December 24, 2019, Christmas Eve....
    I was playing SimpleRockets 2, idk how I got to SimplePlanes again, and her profile changed, and the fuselage art 3, idk, kinda a bit creeped me out... except for the Moana fuselage art, that was fine...
    Though I thought, "why would a boy like Disney Princesses" and "is fuselage art 2 his girlfriend"
    (I don't know she was a girl, so this kinda weird...)


    When I created my account for the first time, (july 2020) I suddenly remember randomusername, and when I searched his/her profile, it wasn't there.... (i just thought SimplePlanes was broken, noob me)

    And I finally realized at September 2020 that randomusername's account, was deleted sighs...
    I only knew 6 months after the event happened... I never knew anything, most posts and forum on this topic is either brought down, or deleted....

    So I went to archive.org to look to the past... (time travel actually 😂)

    This is when I discovered that she (claims to be) a girl... "oh, no wonder she idolize Moana, Fuselage Art 2 was her! And her profile is her!"

    So, now I started investigating....
    So after 3-4 days of searching and asking, I knew that...

    -Mattangi2 made joke post about her car (other people do that to her as well)

    -randomusername gets upset about succesors

    -people also say bad and inappropiate things to her

    -her face and gender reveal was disatrous on this sp community, since most of people here are boys...

    -Mattangi2 makes opinions about randomusername, her want for attention, and her gender reveal being the reason why she boomed popularity, this post probably makes up the whole conclusion

    -she leaves forever (i wish not)

    -Me cries because I don't know how to make electric planes.

    -My forum post was being brought down by moderators.....
    All my hard work, GONE.

    In my opinion, people should understand her opinions about things, like her opinion about succesors...

    If she doesn't want people to make succesors, then don't! (With certain exeptions)

    To her @randomusername, don't be very serious about jokes, you'll be like me, I always get angry to people who make jokes that I think of literally.. And that is horrible....

    Always treat everyone equally, even if you are a girl or not....

    Randomusername's builds were great, so I think she does deserve the upvotes... And her gender reveal, did amplify her popularity... because, girls play simpleplanes rarely....

    And most of all, cars don't need millenium falcon cockpits, although in my opinion, how about make a giagantic bomber with a millenium falcon cockpit?

    Mattangi2 disagrees with this idea...

    So that's pretty much it....
    I don't know if I'm the only one who misses randomusername, although I never followed her much, I miss randomusername a lot... even up to now....
    It is just sad to see people leave...
    But I still hope she comes back to SimplePlanes, maybe she will make a alt account, and we will never notice...
    That's all and, goodnight... (it is 4:18am already ineedtosleep!!)

    And thank you for reading..

  • Paveway II Guided Bomb 5 months ago

    @Beefy no, I attached it to a pylon (long pylon) but it didn't detach...

    I already resolved this by using the small pylon...

  • rockyy's (areyougood's) Spawnable Island 5 months ago

    @ThomasRoderick i dunno but, this account reminds me of randomusername....

  • Sukhoi SU-31M 5 months ago

    @KnightOfRen, BRUH, It's unstable man!

    Wel I fixed it but ur col is too close to the com, so it performs badly.
    Also increase the wing area...
    It stalls all the time...
    No hate at all.
    Just, improve that...

  • 1.10 Beta is now available 6 months ago

    Man am I dreaming?
    I'm so excited on this new update!!

  • PADC Bubuyog 6 months ago

    Sadly PADC never continued...

  • Where I've Been and Future Plans one month ago

    @ZWLenning this was 3.2 years ago.. pretty sure he has forgotten about SimplePlanes by now..

  • SPG M203A2 Hunter one month ago

    Ang programang ito ay rated SPG. Striktong patnubay at gabay ng magulang ay kailangan, may maaring mga maseselang tema, lengwahe, kaharasahan, seksual, horror, o droga na hindi angkop sa mga bata.

  • NEW year! (From philipines) one month ago

    Why did you screenshot with notifications?? Like the 5th and 6th photos...
    Also, happy new year too!
    (From the pilipinas)

  • Give up 2 months ago

    Gonna give you up
    Gonna let you down
    Gonna run around and desert you
    Gonna make you cry
    Gonna say goodbye
    Gonna tell a lie and
    To hurt you.

  • Shark Tooth 2 months ago

    @AndrewGarrison no tournament since, forever.
    : (

  • Cancelling everything 2 months ago

    Not yay.

  • Cancelling everything 2 months ago


  • Le Fish 2 months ago

    Soo, here's the chain of sucessors I saw.

    1. Le Fishe created.
    2. Grills Le Fishe
    3. Drizzled with chocolate as Le Fishe Au Chocolat

  • Good-bye Simpleplanes...... 2 months ago

    @Latex @AerialAerialTheSnake
    Well, idk...
    The 3 years is just his estimation...
    Maybe this 2021 i hope...

  • About criticism. 2 months ago

    Ultra drama alert! Weeyowweeeyoowwwwww

  • That time someone is very kind to you 2 months ago

    @NotSoNormalPioneer Anyways, you can tell the truth that the compliment is rather the opposite of who you really are.

  • That time someone is very kind to you 2 months ago

    @NotSoNormalPioneer Compliments are for people to make good comments for other people for purposes such as praise, or admiration.

    One thing about giving a compliment is when you dont know who are you giving it to...
    So, I guess, you gotta know the person well before throwing compliments.
    (Just like complimenting someone who you think is friendly but the truth is rather not..)

    I only give compliments to irl people only cuz internet really is a mysterious place where you dont know anyone.
    Compliments are for.
    -your crush
    -or girlfriend
    - a friend.
    And is for giving admiration to something they have done or something they have.

  • Can I post my flying swastica? (Not for nazi propaganda and don't hate me for this mods) 2 months ago

    @Gluck @SheriffHackdogMCPE
    Yes. It states in the rules man.
    Swastikas are for replicas for historical accuracy.
    So, yeah. You dont have to wait for mods reply tho.
    Really dont post it its against the rules.

  • Look at this post. (Obvious Clickbait) 2 months ago

    Title: Looks at this post (its obvioudly clickbait)
    Me: clicks on post

  • Goblin - Fighter Jet Challenge 2 months ago

    @KangaKangaTheRoo what do you mean it isnt great maneuverability? It is very maneuverable when I tested it!

  • Goblin - Fighter Jet Challenge 2 months ago

    @KangaKangaTheRoo maybe it would fit being a CAS?

  • F-30A Falchion (Fighter Jet Challenge) (Fixed) 2 months ago

    Detail-17/20- I mean, the cockpit and overall design looks great
    Agility-16/30 Woah! Control Surfaces are controlled via fly-by-ft!
    (Removed 16 points due to it affecting stability)
    Speed-16/30 top speed is 890mph
    Stability-9/20 Every time I do a maneuver at 500mph+, something breaks and crashes the aircraft, flight before 500mph is stable.
    If this result seems unfair, tag me to your complaint, and I'll adress it..

  • New plane jesus themed plane coming soon! 2 months ago

    @SheriffHackdogMCPE lol im from the philippines too, yeah, joking about Jesus is a sensitive topic.... cuz....you know...
    80% Catholics....

    But yeah Not good....
    Very sensitive topic.

  • My actual face reveal. Thanks for everything guys! 3 months ago

    @WiiMini wait, where you like silver (4000 points ish i think) 28 days ago???
    like how on earth did you get 14k points in less than a month???
    congrats btw.. I wasn't updated due to inactivity..

  • McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet 4 months ago

    mobile unfriendly


    @FireFast212 thanks for the advice..

  • M11A 4 months ago

    @zhongzhong again, upload it as unlisted.

  • Transfer data, don't download it 4 months ago

    If you wanna "transfer data", you upload it as unlisted...

  • Cyberpunk City Mod (With RTX shaders) 4 months ago

    SP looks like it is another game...
    Like, so real...
    As if it wasnt SP anymore...
    Its beautiful...
    This is amazing...

  • Cessna Citation X 4 months ago

    I thought the screenshot was FSX for a moment!
    I can't download this tho
    You should probably try using that reshade RTX thing...
    It would really look so realistic dut to the detail of your build...

  • I think there’s a lawyer in our website guys... 4 months ago

    I have seen like two accounts that are like advertisments in this website...

    Idk, companies make SP accounts for promotion? Weird.

  • Mobile Sale 4 months ago

    Well, at least I could probably buy sr2 now but, I guess I can't...
    My phone doesn't support it.

  • Guide: Ray Tracing 4 months ago

    Wait a sec, the 2nd screenshot... the ground looks polished?

  • i missed you people 4 months ago


    "My planes started a drama when people started hating them and their upvote count."

    Oh, I remember this...
    I remember commenting on a post about this around a month ago I guess...

  • bruh moment 4 months ago

    Man I clicked!!!