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So, welcome to my profile. I'm Anarchy, or Yoko, or Grim, or War, whatever the hell you call me! I am me. I'm a "retired" builder, I'm known mainly for my fiery temper, at least, I used to be, and I've made some of the wackiest looking things you might find. At least, all of my builds were custom and never replicas. Unless I took a design and modified it. Which you'll find things like that on my account.

I'm friends with most of the platinums, or mainly the BIGGEST people, also the Mod team. I've tested SimplePlanes before, as in beta-tested, and I'm overall just someone who used to be more widely known, to someone reserved and behind the covers. But it is what it is, my motivation died when people kept getting more and more detailed, I couldn't keep up.

(As I build for functionality, not detail)