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Hello My name is cayde, I'm a country boy I love dogs, Penguins, horses, I'm also a weapon upgrader just ask and I'll do it!

  1. I love Semi Trucks, Space technology and exploration, I love building things anywhere anytime and I love to help people so if you need help with modding, testing, etc I'm a person of interest.

2 . If anyone has some needs like op weapons, overpowered engines, crazy stuff just ask.

  1. I don't usually build things because I'm not good at it so I can't do that sorry,

  2. I love going with my Grandma and Uncle when they have to do Escorting oversize loads I'll always want to go, if you want information I got some, I had a brother pass away in 2017 so I'm following his dreams which is flying, that's all I'm going to say.

Build requests (1200 parts max for my phone and I prefer 1100 so I can build) I don't need you to do it if you have nothing on your to-do list here's some stuff to do if you'll like,

  1. I want a nasa crawler but Im trying to turn it into a aircraft carrier with a hanger and garage.
  2. I need a vehicle with a cargo bay inside for like a portable house idk tbh.
    3.Anything with moving parts like throttle,steering wheels anything that is like that I'll test.
    3.I can't have many mods or maps because I'm on phone and Im Saving up money for when I figure out and I only get 20 a week.
    I'll try and build some requests but there gonna be looking like a city on wheels when you asked for a car(I have so many medical stuff I over do EVERYTHING lol) and that is all!

if anyone needs over modded weapons just ask there's high damage, speed, aerobatic, anything I'll be happy helping yall
🔥??🔫🐧?? Road to famousness bet ya haven't heard that before ej

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