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Hi guys im aircroft engineering I make a vritary of different planes from fighter planes to jet airliners and everything in between.
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about me
my name is ** but most pepole call me Josh.
My favourite real plane is airbus a350
my 4 favourite cars are Ferrari 250 testa rossa mclaren 720s mclaren f1 and mazda mx5.

Aircroft Design industries:
Aircroft started in 1899 making generators and that's all they did untill 1919 when they started coach building car body's. In 1925 they sold that as a separate bussiness which became known as phantom automobile in 1928. In 1929 aircroft made their first plane however no records, example or pictures exist of it except for one which confirmed it's existence. A few years later they set up a manufacturing facility on the British island croftia under the name ocelot aircraft where untill 1946 they made aircraft for the war. From then nothing happend untill 1963 when the island became indpendant and less than a year later their first airliner flew.

The rest they say is history.

Now more than 110 years later Aircroft Desigin industries is the 2nd biggest corporate entity in the world they make 65% of all products in the croftien democratic isles and 88% of all vehicle's in their miltery.
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